Old habits die hard..another KIMONO it is. 🙂 Paired with a simple TEE, hight waisted DENIM, and some SNEAKERS, I am ready for mom duty on overdrive this week. Avery gets out of school Friday and Poppy and Goldie next week..so I am running around like a crazy person. I will never understand why schools cram in back to school night, school plays, musical performances, award ceremonies, teacher appreciation week and testing during the last month of school. Like it blows my mind. The kids are completely checked out by now since it’s full on summer in California. RESIZED-BlueStripes-9768



5 Ways to Slim Down Post Baby:

1.Set realistic goals. What works for me, may not work for you. And vice versa. I was sure I would lose most of my baby weight right after having Ozzy, but I only lost 7 pounds initially. This was so frustrating, but now I’m figuring out what is realistic for me this time around. 30’s and childbirth are much different than being in my 20’s having babies. This time my goals are centered around how my clothes feel, not the number on the scale. 

2.Do you know what is hard for me? Drinking water. For real. I drink on average 12-20oz a day of water, that’s it. It’s terrible. I’ve been working on increasing my water intake by adding fruit to my water and using this bottle. If I keep water with me all day long, I’m more likely to drink it. Water keeps you hydrated and makes your workouts more efficient and gives you more energy. Staying hydrated also helps boost your metabolism!

3.Be consistent. I love going to the gym, but some days I’m just not able to make it. I’ve found ways I can work out around the house with ARMS, LEGS or ABS. Before being pregnant with Ozzy, I loved running the STAIRS at the BEACH and being creative with the resources I had.

4.Belly Bandit. It helps shrink your belly and waist, and realign your hips, post baby. THIS one is great for the first 4 weeks and then I moved onto THIS one. Don’t feel defeated if you can’t get it on right after delivery like many of the reviews say they did. I ordered the smallest size due to my pre-pregnancy size and couldn’t get the velcro to even touch till 2 weeks postpartum. Or.. just be smarter than me and order two sizes, bigger for right away and the next size down once your body begins to move back into place.

5.Meal prep and plan! You can read more MEAL PLAN on a BUDGET, MACROS and MACRO UPDATE. Favorite recipes HERE, HERE, HERE

XXO lisa