Nov 10, 2018

FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS for weight loss and health

(this is actually one of the first times I have felt proud of myself for being fit the right way. I’m not hungry anymore and I’m healthy! I no longer workout for 2-3 hours a day)

FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS for weight loss and health

MAY 6th!! starts a new round of FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS. It’s a 6 week program that will improve your health in a major way. I’ve been doing this program since the summer months. I had a few extra pounds to lose after our Europe trip. Who doesn’t go to Paris and eat everything in sight. 🙂 I’m starting another round to keep me motivated during the holiday months. Each round is 6 weeks. If enough of you sign up, I will start an instagram group so we can share and support each other. Read more why I think this program is 100% worth it. You will learn so much about balance and eating properly. I thought I knew everything until this fell into my lap. It has changed my life and my relationship with food.

I want to share a little about my reasoning for wanting to stick with this lifestyle. I really wanted to have a better relationship with food after being diagnosed with Celiac and dealing with my gluten allergy for over a year now. I started being afraid to eat because I was getting so sick. I dropped to 104 lbs. (I’m usually 115)  Then once I figured out I had a gluten allergy I went overboard on everything that said “gluten free”.  Although gluten free meant I wouldn’t get sick, it didn’t mean it was healthy! I gained weight while adjusting to my new allergy and finally properly feeding myself. I didn’t like the extra weight I gained so decided I needed to find a compromise. I gained most of my weight around my middle. Anyone else gain here? I started wearing baggy sweaters and jackets to hide it and it wasn’t fun! Bottom line, I just didn’t feel good about myself.

This is where FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS comes in. This LIFESTYLE/diet helps me stick to my health goals and maintain the weight I like to be at. It also helped me lose the weight I needed to lose. I plan out my meals and cook for myself and my family. I also can find the “right” foods when we eat out or grab take out. I’m eating more food than ever before and I’m also able to maintain my weight instead of the rollercoaster I was on. I really believe in this way of life and I feel proud of myself for sticking with it. I’ve paid for 2 rounds and it’s 100% worth the $200. You will learn how to eat to burn fat and not deprive yourself.

FWTFL is a lifestyle that involves carb cycling and intermittent fasting. It seems like a lot at first but I don’t have to think about it now. It’s just the way I live my life. I intermittent fast religiously. There are so many studies that show how great this is for your health. It’s a 16/8 hour ratio. I start eating at noon and end at 8pm. You can do whatever works for you. I have a friend that starts eating at 11:00am and her cut of time is 7pm.

a typical day for me:

7:00am – wake up (tea & collagen powder) you can drink anything under 50 calories. The collagen peptides keep me full and gives my body a little something before my workout. Did you know collagen has 10 grams of protein in it? If you drink coffee, you can have coffee and collagen. Anything under 50 calories is still okay. You technically skip breakfast because you are still fasting. I’d be lost with my COLLAGEN PEPTIDES in the morning. I mix it in with the best TRADER JOES PUMPKIN TEA. I also love this 3 pack by Trader Joes. It’s a good mix. Don’t forget to add your collagen peptides to it when you wake up. Some people just like water in the morning. Anything is fine. Just don’t eat until you are ready to start your fasting window.

8:00am –  CST Lagree class/ or Orange Theory / or weights at the gym with a 30 minute walk

10:00am – noon– I do emails and work from home. I  drink more water with lemon (I drink so much water now, I try and get at least 64 ounces a day)

noon– This is when my fasting window stops. I eat from noon-8pm. I break my fast with a big meal! Typically a cobb salad with chicken/eggs/bacon and tons of veggies on low carb days. On high carb days a acai bowl or a date smoothie. Protein waffles are also a favorite.

every two hours I’m eating until 8pm! Depending on the type of day (low carb or high carb) I eat certain food every two hours. I’ll dive further into my snack and meal ideas as I see interest in this type of post. If you leave questions, I’m happy to keep this going.

8pm – stop eating. Now is the time to let your body rest. This also helps with night time snacking. I just don’t do it anymore.

Some people do  FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS without working out and that is totally fine! You will still lose weight or maintain the weight you want to be at. I’ve seen a lot of people benefit from this after having a baby.

You won’t feel deprived on this diet. You won’t binge eat after 5 days. You will feel motivated and healthy!  It’s actually one of the only diets I’ve done that keeps me satisfied. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

ordering the Success Planner and Fitness Journal – 

It’s been really helpful and motivating to see my results and journey in this fitness planner. I use the food journal/organizer because I love to write things down on paper. I’m kind of old school in that way. If enough of you join me on this I will start a facebook group and Instagram group just for this. It’s so helpful to have other people (even if it’s 5) to build each other up and share ideas.

to order fitness planner/journal –

Click here to  FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS – Register for one round (MAY 6th) you will be able to add the journal as it prompts you to next steps. If you don’t want to do the program but you want the journal then Click here to  FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS  click SHOP (upper right corner) scroll down to fitness planner/journal .

If you sign up let me know! I’ll be doing the next round with all of you. Excited forMAY 6th!

The carb cycling days and workouts follow the same pattern during the week so you will be on the same schedule as me. My round started last week.



to sign up to start the program on MAY 6th click –  FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS

(the first week is prep week) you receive all the info and have a live discussion to learn how this works. You will be guided through the entire process.

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  1. I signed up! Now I need help with HIIT! Thanks for the good info!

    • yay!!! so excited for you. keep in touch. I’m doing it too. Make sure to join the facebook group. xx

  2. I would love to see some posts on what you eat and what type of workouts they recommend!

    • okay! I’ll be adding posts each week dedicated to faster way to fat loss. xx

  3. I’m on week 4 of my first round. I love it! Would love to see more meal and snack ideas!

  4. Yes I would be interested in what type of snacks you are doing every two hours and for dinner.

  5. Love this post!! Thank you so much for sharing!! Would love to know what snacks and meals you have in the rest of the 8 hour window!
    Thank you again for the suggestion on Faster Way to Fat Loss and this post!

  6. Jenna, I signed up this past time with FWTFL, but I still don’t understand Macro days. It has been confusing and frustrating to me. I need a specific meal plan that I can count on! I loved your time line. That was super helpful to me! Thanks so much!