Dec 14, 2020

J.R. Watkins Aromatherapy In Shower Spray Mists & Bath Elixirs

Tis the Season for gift giving. J.R. Watkins has the perfect gift sets for all your giving needs. They would be great as stocking stuffers, favorite things or even a gift to give to yourself.  I have been hooked on these aromatherapy sprays ever since I came across them. Now I have added them to my daily and nightly routine. Mornings I love to use Awaken (3-4 sprays in the shower ) and my mind instantly becomes alert and ready to take on the day. At night I like to wind down with Sleep Aromatherapy bath elixir (2 capfuls into bath). Try my routine out, I promise you will not be disappointed.

My all time favorite thing is to create a spa-like feel in my own bathroom. With J.R. Watkins, all of us can achieve this!! The shower mists have won 2 beauty awards. Refinery29’s Beauty Innovator Award and Opera’s Beauty award for best shower product in 2020..

The gift set

Aromatherapy Shower Sprays

Aromatherapy for the bath

The gift set. 

 Thank you J.R. Watkins for sponsoring this post. Happy Shopping.


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