Jun 9, 2021

Wellness Wednesday. Travel Edition

Who is excited to travel this summer? As I have started to travel again, I have been remembering all my tricks I use to do in order to stay on track with all my health goals. I wanted to share them today so you can stay on track as you start to travel as well. I just hate going on a trip and all my hard work is out the window in one weekend.

Here are my top 4 tricks I do whenever I travel. It will keep you on track and let you still reach your goals even when you travel.

  1. You all know I love my liquid collagen. It has so many benefits and I will taking this the rest of my life, but to travel with it can be so annoying. Did you know Modere makes these single packets of Liquid Collagen?  These are a game changer. They are so easy to pack and are ready to go.
  2. Planning and preparing for a quick protein shake is another trick I do so I am never starving before a meal. I love this protein powder in chocolate and vanilla. I pack protein powder in a baby formula divider and carry it in my purse. This allows me to never get too hungry or over eat.
  3. I also try to intermittent fast on vacation. This helps me keep control over the snacking all day. Gives me a set time each day where I can get all my food in and not feel like I am eating too much. When I am intermittent fasting I like to take the burn capsules from The Lean Body System. This supplement helps with metabolism and keeps my gut moving along with an added boost of energy.
  4. The last trick I do deals with eating out. When I eat out I only order off the appetizer menu. Portions are smaller and typically healthier.

I am so glad things are opening up and we can start traveling again. I have missed my family and friends. Keep these travel tips in mind so you can keep yourself accountable to your goals! Happy Wellness Wednesday.



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