Oct 13, 2021

Walmart Home

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post.

Walmart has so many  amazing home finds right now. I  always love to start here to search all their new items first.  I am excited to share all the home finds I have been using to finishing my house off.

Walmart has an incredible rug line out and I am obsessed. I am loving my Walmart bathroom mats and all the decorations I have been finding to finish off this bathroom.

Shop all my must have items below:

I love these bath mats so much. They are the perfect color and I love the texture they add to this space. Best news, they come in several colors as well.

Another rug I am loving is this washable rug. I love that you can just put it right into the washing machine. So great for bathrooms, entries and kitchens.

I am also loving all the cute baskets I keep grabbing to add in this space. This basket is so cute, along with this wire one to put little things in.


This mirror is what really makes the space. I also love the little accessories because I believe they make a BIG difference in a small space like this. I am obsessed with these soaps and this candle. Also this artwork is the perfect addition to any space.

Come shop all my must have items from the Walmart home line. I am obsessed and I know you will be to.



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