Aug 11, 2021

Travel Tips to stay on track

I have been gone most of the month of July and August and as much as I love to travel, it definitely takes a tole on your body. I have found that these 5 Travel tips are so helpful. I followed them and came home feeling great. No guilt for all the nights I overindulged or didn’t work out, I came home feeling like I kept to my goals and am ready to push it to the next level.

Here are my 5 Travel Tips to stay focused on your health and fitness goals. I really try to be mindful because with Celiacs I really cant rely on grabbing stuff there. I am very strict on following my gluten free diet and definitely do not want an episode to happen with my body while I am traveling.

-FIRST: Drink Water! This is a must. We all get so busy and totally forget to drink our water intake. We are typically ordering other drinks, and forgetting all about water. I make it a goal to drink 8 cups of water a day. I just feel up one of my water bottles I love and keep refilling it throughout the day.


-SECOND: Move your body. Even if you are not getting in the workouts you normally do, just move your body. You will feel so much better. This helps with energy levels, digestion and keeping your muscles working. I always try to take a walk or plan hiking whenever I can.

-THIRD: Keep on your vitamins and supplements. Yes, pack all these with you. I never leave home without my travel size LIQUID COLLAGEN packs. I also brought my travel size TRIM as well. This kept me on track and helped me not even gain any weight when I got back. That has NEVER happened.

-FOURTH: I have a few tricks with eating out. First one, I only order appetizers. To me they tend to be my favorite items anyways and are the perfect portion. If appetizers aren’t going to cut it, when I order my entree I ask for 1/2 to be boxed a head of time. Then I know I wont over eat, and I will have a great lunch the next day.

-FIFTH: Pack snacks. Yes, I also bring my own snacks with my. I am known to bring a blender to make smoothies, and check another bag full of the healthy snacks. This is helpful when I know we are going to be out and about. Then I will never reach hangry level and eat everything in sight.

I hope this helps you all. Traveling is so fun and I have been missing it.  I feel so grateful I was able to go to a few of my favorite places this summer and see my friends and family.



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