Mar 21, 2021

My life since Celiac Disease

Gut health is my main priority these days. Being #celiac destroyed my gut and I’ve taken all the steps my doctors have told me to heal.

#1 is my Trebiotic (probiotic, prebiotic and the multivitamin for your immune system) I don’t miss a day taking this!! I get my blood work tested regularly and  my blood work and gut health continue to improve which makes me so happy! I take this Trebiotic and stay #glutenfree




Did you know your gut is your second brain? If your gut isn’t healthy it effects everything! Remember when my Melasma showed up all over my face!? This was my body trying to tell me something was wrong. Once I figured out the main problem was my gut and I started healing it, my malasma slowly started fading again.


Unhealthy gut symptoms

– Brain fog, mental clarity, skin conditions, mood swings, mental health, fatigue, no energy.

If your gut isn’t healthy it can lead to cancer, ms, mental health problems, depression.

To order click here :

Use code 5176608 for $10 off

Here is a tip.

Put you trebiotics on top of yogurt or in smoothies.


Here is a tip.

Put you trebiotics on top of yogurt or in smoothies! You’re welcome.

Hope you all had a great and healthy weekend.



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