Jan 31, 2021

Collagen-Healthy Joints

I am sure you all have heard people talking about Collagen A LOT lately. I wanted to share another side to Collagen most people don’t think about or know about. First, the collagen I prefer is Liquid (read why here). I take two tablespoons daily and have been seeing crazy results with my skin and hair. Click on those links to read more. A little background, the liquid collagen I take is a new generation of collagen with an exclusive Collagen/HA matrix technology that supports joint health, skin, hair, nails, eyes and gum health.


Today we are focusing in on joint and muscle health. Dennis loves to run. He has always had a runners knee and really feels it when he goes for his long Saturday runs. I got him on this 2 bottle bundle liquid collagen a few months back. Over time he has just stopped complaining about his knee. He is able to run without pain. He does stretch and take care of his knees still but the collagen has helped take the achy pain away.

This is a cheat sheet to understand all the Liquid Collagen Modere has. I use the pure and have Dennis on the sport. If you would like to try this click here.

Every new customers gets $10 off. Just use CODE: 5176608

Right now they are bundling their Lean Body system with free product. I have used their trim to help loose weight. Click here to learn more about this promo that ends at the end of the month.



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