Jul 6, 2021

Skin Care Q&A

I am switching up my Q&A this week to just skincare questions. My love of skincare goes deep especially after being in the industry as an aesthetician for almost 20 years. I know its important to take care of the skin and love sharing all my whys with you all.

Here we go…

Elta Md for the win every day.

Taking care of your skin from the inside out is super important as well. That’s why I will always take this liquid collagen for the rest of my life. It is so important because our bodies actually stop producing collagen, and Collagen has so many healthy skin benefits.

Retinol Reform Cream. 

Other retinol options I use

Botox in a bottle. Sometimes the bottle is blue.

Extreme Recovery Cream . Facial NO. 9 Both amazing products.

More Colleen Rothschild I would recommend:

This Detox Mask. I absolutely love this one and do it regularly.

Other masks I love below.

Love this retinol eye cream.

I hope this helps but please feel free to ask my any question you need answered. I try to remind my readers on Sunday but drop me a comment or DM anytime.



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