Aug 16, 2023

my account was disabled…help!

Hi! I want to share a few things I learned when my account was disabled for over a week. Every single day felt like a year. I’m not joking. I’ve heard of this happening to others and never in a million years thought it would happen to me. It definitely shook me up and made me realize how much power these platforms have over my business. If you are reading this and your account was disabled take a deep breathe. Most likely you will get it back. If someone tells you your account is deleted forever, that is not true. Don’t believe them. It takes one year for an account to 100% be gone forever.

If you are a creator you need to follow these steps to make sure you know how to handle this type of situation. With new AI software more and more accounts are being flagged and disabled. Some people don’t ever recover their account. So please take this serious.


-Create a newsletter for your community. If your account is disabled or something goes wrong with any of your social platforms make sure you can send out a newsletter so people know where to find you.

-Create a back up instagram. Start one now and make it your shop page. Sell clothes on it or call it your back up account. Start sharing it once a month so loyal followers know they can find you there.

-If you are a creator and use LTK make sure to let them know what happened. They now have a direct portal to instagram and can speed the process up. This is huge!

-Reach out to your community or other creators and ask to keep Meta contacts on file. Trust me this is extremely helpful to know a few people that work for Meta. I now have 3 contacts of women that worked hard for me to get my account back. They can speed up the process.



My account was flagged for counterfeit. I received a pop up saying I broke the community guidelines. I used the phrase “inspired by Prada” and my account was gone in seconds. New AI software picks up on this verbiage and flags accounts.  So many mistakes are being made and it is super frustrating. In the future I won’t use any phrase like this. I’m trying to come up with another way to share look for less.  Stay away from anything like this. DO NOT EVER TYPE IT OUT on stories.

-look for less

-inspired by (insert designer name)

-designer look for less

-cheaper than designer



-set up 2 step verification

-sign up for the meta verified monthly subscription (you get pre-approved for being an honest account) they said this helped me get my account back faster than others

-Purchase social media insurance. I’ve heard Notch is good.

-Have an attorney that works in the digital creative space on your team or keep in your contacts. Reach out and have an intro call and go over things like this. Have a plan in case something like this happens.

you can DM me. I can always help! It was a terrible nightmare for me and I’m happy to pay it forward. I’d love to help anyone in need.

I hope this helps!





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