Mar 30, 2021

The Day In The Life of Me

I love reading about other people and their typical day so I thought I would share mine! This is what my typical day looks like!

Most of my questions from the Sunday Q&A will be answered here.

How do I juggle my family life, kids schedules, running a business and having time for yourself? I don’t think I am a master at handling all this, but over the years I have figured out a few tricks to not only get all the tasks done but to actually enjoy the day.  So without further ado, my schedule…

7:00 am: Wake up time. 

-Its very important to me to get my water and and take my Liquid Collagen right away. (I fill up the lid to the line and take my shot every day!) I just always think, I have been asleep for almost 8-10hrs. My body needs something good to get it going. I head to the kitchen and grab my Stanley Cup and fill it with water and squeeze a few lemons in it. Have you used that cup? Genius!

-After I finish my water I then Mix up my Natural GO Energy. This stuff is amazing and I never feel a crash. You can mix it up in your Stanley cup or sometimes I use a Smart water bottle.

-I take my Trim now as well. This is the second TBLS of Liquid collagen I need each day. This has at metabolizers (CLA) which help metabolism, increase energy and suppress cravings. It’s toned up my waistline and so many of you have seen big changes. We love this around here!!


7:30 am: Wake my kids up.

Typical morning routine with kids.

-start breakfast for them, pack lunches, and help with hair. All that good stuff. My girls (pre-teens) now go through my closet. They ask me almost everyday if they can borrow a white or black tee. Then I find them with scissors cutting it shorter. OMG! What is happening!! My closet is now off limits for the most part. Luckily Gwen already has bigger feet than me so my shoes don’t fit here. Is this happening in your home?

9:00 am: Workout

I will head out and go to either Megaformer Lagree or Orange theory. I do best in group classes. I can’t motivate myself on my own. And then I try and multitask at some point throughout the day to get on my treadmill for my 3 mile a day challenge. This is important to me. I will either listen to a good podcast, listen to a book,  or tackle my list of people I need to call back. I can answer dm’s, catch up with friends. It has become a habit and makes me feel good. I also think it helps me with any stress or anxiety I might be feeling. I love multi-tasking and adding a walk to everyday tasks is easy!

Everything I’m wearing above are the LULU dupe pieces. Love the leggings. The only workout sneaks I wear are the NIKE 270’s

Here are some of my favorite WORKOUT GEAR that are actually on sale right now:

Morning Skincare Routine:

This is done after I workout or first thing if I am not doing a morning workout. If I am waiting to do my morning skin routine I will still put on Elta Md Sunscreen on my face before leaving the house. My rule- don’t leave your house without a little vitamin c and sunscreen. Protect your skin!!

Shop my morning routine here:


A few things I have added to my routine:

-Always Double Cleanse with this cleansing balm. Makes a huge difference.

Apply Mandelic Radiance serum & Vitamin C.

Elta MD sunscreen (always) 

-Lip collagen complex (my lips have never felt better) – it’s also the same collagen complex as collagen so it’s anti-aging and helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines around lips.

-My everyday makeup is IT CC Cream and Mascara with this lash lift. Pretty simple.

 11:00 pm: Eat 

-I intermittent fast until 11 every day. I always start with a protein shake. It’s just so easy to get everything my body needs in a quick shake.

My Go To Smoothie:

  • Almond Milk
  • Spinach
  • 1/2 Banana
  • Almond Butter
  • Fiber Supplement  (always working on my gut health)
  • Chocolate Protein Powder
  • Sprinkle My Trebiotics (this is prebiotic,pro and postbiotic in one!) on the top. Gives it the best crunch (I even put it in my greek yogurt as a snack later)

Trebiotics (this is prebiotic,pro and postbiotic in one!)

12:30 Team Meeting

-I have a small team and we touch base each day. My sister works for me which is amazing and I have a manager at an agency. I hate emails so I’d rather talk on the phone about projects, deals and goals. Sometimes this meeting is really fast or other times we are planning out the months or weeks content etc.

After this call I usually put in a few hours of work handling a lot of the admin stuff of the business.

  • check emails,
  • work on creating content
  • shoot for upcoming collaborations
  • write out Skincare plans for some of my clients.
  • Handle all PR packages
  • Organize products coming in

I try to get all my busy work tasks out of the way while my kids are at school. After I handle all admin stuff I typically have a shoot or somewhere I need to be for my agency or PR work.  I will shoot for an entire month sometimes. It just depends on what my brands are wanting and needing from me.

4:00 PM Kids are Home from School

-My life is either in my car all afternoon handling carpool or I am at home feeding kids as they are coming in and out with friends and or activities.

-If I am home and not driving, I am in the kitchen. I am making dinner, meal planning and making my next meal. This can be a simple salad with whatever veggies I have on hand – avocados, nuts, cheese, and always rotisserie chicken. Dressed with olive oil and lemon.

-If I am running carpool I try to be productive with my time and answer all your questions and comments wile waiting in parking lots or at the lacrosse field. I am checking everything from my DM’s, comments on IG and FB, checking in with my private FB groups, and responding to emails.

6:00 PM: Dinner

-As my kids get older I really try to make this time a set time. I know not everyone is going to be there but those who are I like to sit and make it a meal. Not a fast grab n’go. Some days this works out great and other days we are just to busy.

Sneak peek into some of my kitchen favs:


8:30 Pm: Kids are in Bed.

  • I put the girls to bed first and usually let Davis stay up and hang with Dennis and me. He seems like a mini adult now. He grew 25 pounds in 2 months! He is going to be as big as Dennis. Crazy how fast these kids grow up.

9:30 pm: My Night Routine

-I take a bath every night. I love baths. This is when I make myself put my phone down and just relax/meditate.

After that, I finish up some last minute things for work, watch a show with D. Current Netflix shows –  Behind Her Eyes, The College Admission Scandal, FireFly Lane.

-I typically watch a show while using my chin strap. (the best product for saggy skin and double chins)

Nightly Skin Routine

Shop my nightly routine here:


I have added this product to my night routine lately and love it.

Alastin Neck Cream.

11:00 pm: Bedtime

I take this sleep health every night. I love it. It just helps me slow my mind down and have a solid night of sleep.

Well, I think that covers everything I do in a day. I am still learning and always feel like I can do more. It’s all about finding a balance right?

Thanks for reading and being here with me.





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