Sep 2, 2021

3 Wellness Tips of the Week

3 Topics on my Mind

I learned a new phrase this week, Try to EAT your water. Have you ever heard of this before? The thinking behind this phrase is that you aren’t really hydrating yourself with just drinking water. Hydration doesn’t mean the amount of water you consume but how much water you hold. Drinking water is still very important, but too much water, too quickly, can actually flush nutrients out of the body as it will get rid of excess fluid by causing you to pee more. It encourages you to eat foods that contain a high percentage of water so you can absorb the water more slowly. This will allow the water we get from food to stay in our bodies longer helping us utilize it better.

Here are the top foods that contain the most amount of water. I am going to try it and I will let you know how it goes.


The next topic I want to chat about and feel very passionate about is the Liquid Collagen I have become obsessed with it. I want to share a success story about other benefits from taking Liquid collagen people may not think of.

The story is about one of my readers training for their 1st marathon. They expressed they have never been able to do one before because of bad knees. Well, they were part of my 6 month Collagen challenge on Facebook ( click here if you want to join out next collagen challenge) and after a few months of taking Liquid Collagen, they started training again to see how their knees would hold up and they were feeling good.

Long story short, They are now able to run without pain. I was so excited when they shared this story with me. They do their stretches and take care of their knees, but the collagen has helped take the achy pain away. They are set to run his marathon in a few months and I am so excited to hear how it goes.

This is a cheat sheet to understand all the Liquid Collagen Modere has. I use the pure and have Dennis on the sport. If you would like to try this click here.

Last topic I want to touch on is journaling. Do you journal? I have been trying to be more diligent and start my day off with positive affirmations. This helps me feel grounded and really sets my day up for success.

Hope you all have a healthy week.



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