Jan 14, 2021

One Pot Pasta with Our Place

It’s true, the Always Pan by Our Place is selling out non-stop. I scooped up my own pan so I could see what all the hype was about. This pan is everything!! It definitely lived up to the hype. Getting only one pan dirty while I cook is a definite game changer!! The Always Pan is a non-stick,non-toxic pan that is designed to replace 8 of our traditional dishes we use for cooking.

Our Place just launched the Always Pan in the newest color ‘HEAT’ in a RED HOT BUNDLE sold as a set with a bamboo steamer and cooking chopsticks for $175. I love that I can use this pan for everything! Steaming vegetables and then using it for the entire meal.

Last year it sold out in one week on pre-sale and Our Place got hundreds of requests to bring it back! This new hue will be a celebration of spice and the eclectic world of peppers.  – The most multifunctional pan in the history of pans is back in stock with a brand new color: Heat. It comes with a bamboo steamer, set of chopsticks, built-in spatula, and a stainless steel steamer basket. Not to mention: The non-toxic nonstick is so good it basically cleans itself. They’ve been known to sell out, so make sure you snag one before it’s too late.

Getting only one pan dirty while I cook is a definite game changer!!

Our place also has the prettiest dishes and cups. I have the dishes in the color dusk.

I’m crazy about the stainless steal steamer basket that comes with it. After I cook the meal I add my veggies to the tray to steam for 5 minutes. Bon Apetite ! It completes the meal.

I love that the wooden spatula attaches to the pan. No counter mess while cooking! I used to always set my cooking spoon down on counter and it was always just a mess.

My One Pot Pasta dish is at the bottom of the post.


Drinking Cups, these come in 5 colors. The perfect size, shape, and weight for iced coffee, wine, and even ice cream. Pick one up, they have the ultimate hand feel: substantial and weighty, but never heavy. To top it off, they stack neatly to save plenty of shelf space, and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Handmade from glass and sand and naturally colored with elements from the earth, no artificial dyes. Cheers! Sets of 4 or 8, 12 oz. glasses.

Main Plates, The hand-painted, porcelain, easy-stacking plates have a lip to keep all the messy stuff where it belongs. Dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe means less time in the kitchen, and more time dishing with friends and fam. Set of 4, designed for big appetites. 3 color options


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