Jan 9, 2021

Drugstore Finds

I just did a drugstore haul and found so many good products that are all under $20.

Shop a few of my favorites here:

Its a good reminder that YES some products are worth spending the money on but brands like Pixi, Maybelline and Neutrogena all produce great products that work just as well for half the cost.  Here are more of my new must have drugstore products for the skin.

I am so excited to try this In-shower Steam Facial. It’s a heat activated gel that turns into a hydrating oil that leaves your skin with that perfect dewy look.

We all know how much I love my Jade Roller and Gua Sha tools. A tip, try putting them in a fridge. I use this Mini Beauty Fridge for these tools and some other serums like these or these. Your face will thank you later.

One of the Face Serums I love and mentioned above.

These Tanning Towelettes are all the rage right now. We all want a healthy glow even when it’s the dead of Winter. These wipes are so easy and give you just the right amount of color.



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