Jan 13, 2021

How to get toned and tighter skin!

There is one device I 100% swear by. It’s the Nu Face Trinity device. I’ve used this since 2016! When people ask me the trick to keeping my skin tight and youthful looking I say Nu Face and liquid collagen! Nu face toning device has the power to stimulate your muscles and create”a workout for your face.” When I get facials by my esthetican she uses the Nu Face Trinity on me for over 20 minutes. You will get instant results. It’s actually shocking! The best part is you can do a 5 minute session or an advanced 15 minute session. whatever you have time for.

I keep my Nu face by my bed so I can grab it during my favorite show or while I listen to a podcast and unwind for the night.

The first time I tried the BROW LIFT I knew I’d be a fan for life!

The Nu Face trinity is an advanced microcurrent device that contours, shapes and tones your face and skin. This will improve fine lines and wrinkles if you start using this 5 minutes each day!

There are 3 options when buying the Nu face.

Nu Face Trinity mini / Nu Face Trinity / Nu face Trinity Kit 

If you want to take your skin serious and you are in your late 30’s or older get the Nu face Trinity Kit . It’s worth the investment. This kit has everything you will need to get your face in shape!

I love that this kit has the tool attachments for more advanced work on crows feet and eyebrow furrows. These attachments to the Nu face hit the eyebrow furrow lines, smile lines and crows feet in a better and more aggressive way.

Set includes:

– Trinity Facial Toning Device

– Facial Trainer attachment

– Effective Lip & Eye attachment

– Wrinkle Reducer attachment

– Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer (2 oz.)

How to use: Begin by cleansing skin and applying a mask-like layer of gel primer directly to skin. Glide the Trinity with Wrinkle Reducer attachment directly on skin of one of the seven targeted areas. Hold in place until you hear the beep (3 minutes). Glide the Trinity with Facial Trainer attachment over face and neck as directed. Glide/hold the Trinity with Effective Lip and Eye attachment around eyes and lips as

Nu Face Trinity mini / Nu Face Trinity / Nu face Trinity Kit 

Nu Face Trinity mini / Nu Face Trinity / Nu face Trinity Kit 

Nu Face Trinity mini / Nu Face Trinity / Nu face Trinity Kit 

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