Sep 1, 2020

On the go again!

sponsored by JR Watkins

Now that we are back ON-THE-GO, I’m taking a few precautions! Keeping my kids safe and teaching them how to navigate through our new normal isn’t easy. I’m forever grateful for products like JR Watkins for creating non-toxic products I feel safe using and having my kids use. This new HAND ELIXIR is a no rinse hand soap. NO WATER NEEDED!! After my first use I was completely addicted. Unlike hand sanitizer, this does not dry out your hands. In fact, it does the opposite. The hand elixirs clean your skin while keeping them super hydrated and moisturized. You won’t feel sticky or smell the common “alcohol scent” from Sanitizers.

A few reasons I love this no-rinse hand cleanser

-locks in moisture for up to 8 hours

-Glycoin is a main ingredient and works on fine lines and wrinkles

-purse and pocket friendly

-it’s crafted clean. Meaning all non toxic ingredients. No silicones, parabens or sulfates.

3 Scents

Rose Water / Oud / Hemp Flower 

I love the fresh Rose Water scent. It’s an incredible option to keep your hand sanitized while still keeping them moisturized.

The formula helps restore your collagen and natural moisture levels. This won’t dry you out!

Good Luck getting back to your new normal. Stay safe and take your new HAND ELIXIR with you!!





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