Apr 12, 2022

London Town

We had the most amazing time in London. We only had 3 days in London before heading to Paris so we packed it in.


We stayed at Ham Yard Hotel. It’s an artsy boutique hotel with a ton of charm and glam. The bar is always hopping and a very trendy spot to frequent in SoHo, London. The hotel has a bowling alley, cinema and spa. We hung out in the hotel library by the fireplace a few nights after the bar closed. It felt like our own living room. I would definitely recommend this hotel!


Lunch at Madera at Treehouse Hotel

Get a window seat, the views are amazing. I really love Mexican food and this hit the spot. The margaritas were best drink of the trip.

Dinner at Sucre

This is such a hot spot. The decor and chandeliers are stunning! We did family style and stayed for hours.

Tea time at HamYard was nice because we didn’t have to leave our hotel. If you are looking for something super iconic for High Tea do Claridges.

Dinner at Sucre 


Walk to Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Shopping

Lunch Gymkhana

Don’t miss this spot! This was the best restaurant we ate at in London. The service and food is beyond! The mirrored staircase down to the basement is so cool. We didn’t stop talking about this meal the entire trip.

Dinner Casa Cruz

BOOTS – houndstooth SKIRT  and BLAZER  



The London Eye

Daphne’s for lunch

Inca London dinner

RAY BANS / TRENCH (removable hoodie)/  HAT  / STRIPED TEE / BOOTS / SLACKS 

The London Eye is such a great way to see the views of London. You will see Big Ben and the London Bridge.

Had to grab Ralph’s Coffee

Daphne’s for lunch was very cute! Tucked in an amazing neighborhood. My only regret is not walking the streets around Daphne’s. We did pop into an amazing Chanel boutique across the street!

Inca London for dinner was quite the experience. Entertainers dancing and singing while we ate. Such a fun place to celebrate a birthday!

I hope this helps a little in planning your London trip. I loved everything about this trip thanks to Jen Terra Travel. She helped us plan and set up our trip.

Let us know if you have any questions.



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