Sep 25, 2018

What’s in my GYM BAG this week + Self Love

 A few tips to keep you going to the GYM!!

1.Get a buddy. If you know your friend will be waiting for you to show up, you are 99% less likely to cancel your workout (I totally made up that stat by the way). I like to multitask. I like to add friend time during my workout time. I also find their motivation rubs off on me. I stay for extra classes or push a little harder.

2.Make it fun.  (See number 1. Nothing is better therapy than a long treadmill sesh with a good friend.) I also rotate my workouts daily and I try a new class or set of exercises each week. Try new things!

3.Start a group text with people who don’t live by you. Take turns being in charge of a healthy meal each week. Do this with sisters, friends, anyone! Just keep the ideas coming.

“But Jenna… I don’t have any friends!”

4. I don’t believe you, but if you really feel isolated there’s nothing more bonding than working out with people. Thought it’s intimidating at first, join a gym and find some classes to try. After a couple weeks, familiar faces will become friendships. Whether you’re part of the 5:45 AM crew (gulp) or the 9:30 moms, relationships will naturally form as you encourage and sweat together. I promise! I also try and remember the instructors name so I can say hi to them by name. This always works and helps others want to know your name too. Before you know it people at the gym will be encouraging you and it will feel like a gym family. Also, SMILE at the gym! The worst is when I see women so serious and keep that cold shoulder vibe up. Life is too short. Don’t ya think?

5. Spruce up your GYM BAG. (mine is the dawn lacquer color– looks navy!) There are SIX essential things I carry with me all the time: Supergoop CC cream to reapply before leaving the gym since all my SPF has been sweat and wiped off, Donna Karan Cashmere Mist deodorant (simply the best & 15% off today), Purifing Facial Wipes (one wipe after I workout, helps with breakouts + I swipe it across the top of my back too! ) Dry Shampooextra hair ties, mints, and my GOLD BEATS headphones. And get a bag you LOVE! I’ve been carrying my MZ WALLACE METRO TOTES with me everywhere. I also love the BACKPACK version.

mix powder in your fav water bottle****My IDEAL FIT PRE-WORKOUT MIX. I can’t get through a morning without this stuff. It gives me instant energy and makes my workouts more intense. I don’t feel jittering with this drink, I just feel pumped up!! I also use the IDEAL FIT PROTEIN and PEANUT BUTTER POWDER after my workouts.

ps if you want the best smelling, non sticky LIPGLOSS for the gym, use this! It smells so good. I have to have it on at all times. Super hydrating too.

best smelling, non sticky LIPGLOSS | WHITE MESH TANK (similar) | PULLOVER | MK SMART WATCH (love this for tracking steps) 

Lately I’ve changed my thinking. I realized I pick on myself a lot! I expect myself to look a certain way and to be a certain way 100% of the time. I think pressures of social media can make us think this way. Enough is enough, am I right?! I say we focus on self-love! With social media constantly in our faces, it’s easier than ever to get down about our everyday lives and the weight on that dreadful scale. When we see others’ “smoke and mirrors” posts of their perfect lives and bodies, we need to remember this is just the highlight reel. What if every time we had a self-deprecating thought (I hate myself for eating that cookie! Or I hate my legs!) we changed our inner monologue to celebrate something we love (I am healthy enough to take care of my three kids! or I just did a spin class and beat my record mileage). I bet we could change the way we view ourselves… and learn to love and appreciate the wonderful things we all have. I also try not to tell myself things I’d never say to another person. My husband tells me all the time that it hurts his feelings when I talk bad about myself or say something negative about my body. Remember the people that love you don’t see your imperfections the way you do. My husband thinks I’m crazy if I say, “I have cellulite or have an extra 5 pounds to lose.” Let’s see ourselves the way our family and loved ones see us.

For example, I have a pile of size 24 jeans that don’t fit me right now. For one, I have more muscle than I used to and my body has changed. I don’t want the size of my jeans or the number on a scale to determine how I feel about the body I have. Especially when I work out every day and work hard to be strong. So to keep my space positive, I’m giving away all my size 24 jeans. If the time comes and I’m that size again then maybe whoever takes them from me can give them back. LOL. I’ve been doing the Sweat app. I do the PWR workouts with Kelsey Wells. Do you follow her on instagram? She’s in the best shape of her life and expressed how she gained 15 pounds and went up a couple pant sizes because of the muscle she gained. I love when women look strong and have confidence.

A couple other things on my mind. Planning out more activities. I’m happiest when we have fun things on the calendar and I can get out of work mode for a minute! Back to the school year grind means I’m in my car alot! I need a few fun things I can look forward to. A few we WANT to do: See more movies, Have more date nights, Plan more adventures with your kids, Start watching a new TV series, Read a new BOOK each month, Try out a new COOKING CLUB, Pick up TENNIS (just starting this!) or Say “NO” more. If you’re anything like me, you say you’ll do way more than is humanly capable. And when we say “yes” to too many outside things, we are actually saying “no” to things like family time, relaxation, prioritizing workouts, and sleep (to name a few).

I’m a spontaneous person and feel really overwhelmed during the school year when my calendar is full with kid lessons and appointments I have to be at. I’ve been getting more creative at how I can get my spontaneous fix each week.

 MZ WALLACE METRO TOTE, mine is the – dawn lacquer color– looks navy!


MZ WALLACE METRO TOTE, mine is the – dawn lacquer color– looks navy!


Now get out there and let’s make this month the best one yet!

loving REDS

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