Jun 25, 2019

My Review of EMSCULPT

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The scoop on Emsculpt

Who wants ABS this summer…..I do!!!! I have the scoop on how Emscuplt will give you a boost in confidence and will help you feel comfortable in your own skin. The latest and most talked about device on the market right now is the one and only EMSCULPT!! It’s the first non-invasive body shaping device. It will tone, tighten and build your muscles in 30 minutes. Imagine doing 20,000 sit-ups or squats in one 30 minute session. You will build muscle and lose fat. The full Emsculpt treatment consists of four 30-minute sessions over the course of two weeks, so you’ll need to go 4 times for optimal results. So…… if you want a booty like J Lo and abs of steel, this is for you! 

When I discovered this machine I was so intrigued to find out more. My social media started blowing up with success stories about this machine and I knew I needed to get my hands on it. (I mean my abs, lol) I love non-invasive options when it comes to motivating myself to a healthier lifestyle and reaching fitness goals I have for myself. After even one treatment the results motivated me to do more core work at the gym and keep up with the results the device was helping me achieve. 

Emsculpt caught my attention when I found out it can help with diastasis recti. This is the separation of  abdominal muscles after pregnancy. After 3 c-sections my abs can use all the help I can get. Emscuplt tightens your core and decreases diastasis during the process. Not only does it build muscle but I’ve noticed that it motivates me to keep up with my core workouts. I see the improvement and want to keep making it better. It’s a great jumpstart! Now I try and do 5 minutes of ab work each day to make my Emsculpt treatments last longer.

The Treatment 

The treatment begins with two applicators strapped to your abdominals or glutes. The magnetic radio frequency delivered contracts the muscle tissues for 30 minutes. I always start laughing when they turn up the levels. It does not hurt at all, it just feels intense. It’s an intense ab or glute workout for 30 minutes. A big thank you to MODERN DERMATOLOGY and Dr. Robinson for my treatments during this Emsculpt campaign. She is incredible at cosmetic dermatology and knows her stuff. She is trained in procedural and cosmetic dermatology. She runs a boutique practice focusing on providing the best results in a luxurious environment. The Emsculpt treats diastasis in moms that’s otherwise only would have been treated surgically. No shame in the mom game, it’s part of our wellness and taking care of ourselves.

After each treatment I noticed my abs peeked 2 days after the treatment was completed. I felt tight and strong. Did you know that pro athletes now use this to increase their muscle strength for stronger performance? It’s pretty incredible. I will continue to use this to keep me motivated. 100% worth it!  I especially love Emsculpt for the summer time and any big events that might come up. Before you hit the beach or head out on your next vacay, get Emsculpt first! You’ll love the result.

“No shame in the mom game, it’s part of wellness and taking care of ourselves.” Dr. Robinson

I received my treatments at Modern Derm by Dr. Robinson. These treatments range from $750-$800 per visit and are usually discounted when you buy the package of 4.

Tag me if you head to your nearest Emsculpt location. I’d love to be part of your journey! Please feel free to reach out with any questions. I’m always on instagram checking my messages. Have a great day and thanks for reading this post!

Each treatment is 30 minutes. Over the 30 minutes I try and get my intensity up to 100%!

Emsculpt will help your core feel strong and tight. I’ve noticed an improvement with my muscle strength and definitely feel like I have a smaller waistline. Thanks Emsculpt!

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Thanks for sponsoring this post BTL AESTHETICS

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  1. Each treatment is around $700. If you do a package it’s usually discounted.

  2. What is the price range for Emsculpt for the average woman that would have to pay for it? Would be helpful info…thanks!