Feb 24, 2019

What are the best underwear for working out and to wear under leggings?

I received over 2,000 votes for specific undies to wear under leggings while at the gym.
These are the TOP 5 voted on. 
1. Hanky Panky Boy Short – Best one for full bum coverage under a legging. If you prefer full coverage this is the undie for you.
2. Cosabella G String – for the megaformer class. You are up close and personal with your neighbor and instructor while doing the donkey kicks. This thong will not show! This is one of the most voted on. I had to order these because I’m in my lagree megaformer classes a couple times a week.
3. Hanky Panky Thong – for the barre class junkie and the most versatile pair. Great under workout leggings and a great pair for everyday use.
4.Commando Classic – Everyone’s favorite. Breathable and hides perfectly under any type of legging. For all workouts! Also this brand is known for it’s BLACK BODYSUIT
5. Kalon Undies – For the runner. The thin material almost feels like you are running sans underwear. Stays in place and very breathable. This is a great option for every type of workout.
If you want to know which ones I ordered, I went with #2, #4 and #5. I don’t really like lace and find it itchy.
I think #4 and #5 will be a huge fan favorite. Let me know what you think when you order a few pairs.

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