Oct 6, 2018

the SPANX you need!

I have completely become addicted to SPANX LEGGINGS. Not only are they high-waisted and uber slimming (as if that weren’t enough) they are SO comfortable! I actually get bummed when I have to wear jeans now. These are my go-to. They have a bunch of different prints now, so we can wear them 5 days of the week. lol

I bought the CAMO LEGGINGS this time to see if I would like a print just as much as the SOLID BLACK and COATED BLACK (prob my fav). I DO!!

**also in MATERNITY and PLUS SIZE 

I’ve wanted a sneaker like this for so long! I actually almost bought a really expensive pair last week and I’m glad I didn’t. These Adidas are amazing in person. Exactly what I wanted and so comfortable. You can wear them from street to gym. You can’t see but the top of the “bill” is a deep green. Really fun sneaks!

Adidas sneakers are selling out fast. Found them HERE – some sizes left at Nordstrom here-ADIDAS FALCON

It was a long and fun summer. I didn’t make it to my Lagree Megaformer Class very much. I did a lot of treadmill and bike this summer. I’m finally back in a routine and doing the Lagree Megaformer. Have you heard of it? This week I made it to class 3 times.

It is hard. Your body will shake. You will want to stop. But honestly, my body never feels better than when in this class. I also feel so mentally strong. I get through it and during the class I say to myself over 100 times “I can do this.” I remember this during my day when I’m having a hard time and it keeps me going. It’s the little things that help. My small goals turn into bigger goals and before I know, I’m doing the things I thought I’d never do. The Megaformer is amazing because it strengthens your entire core and middle section. It’s quite the workout! Just google megaformer or lagree fitness near you to find a studio.

THIS SNEAKER trend – I finally found a pair I LOVE!!! I had to size down 1/2 size. The bill is a deep green and I love the play on the other fun colors. (sold out already at Nordstrom)

CAMO LEGGINGS | ADIDAS SNEAKERS HERE – some sizes left at Nordstrom here-ADIDAS FALCON


Make sure and catch up on SELF LOVE TALK from last week. I can’t wait to share more things I’m working on.

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