Jul 30, 2019

Just Doin’ It || Finishline x Nike

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Living a healthy and active lifestyle is definitely a choice we make every day. As I’ve gotten a little older, (and hopefully wiser) my motivation and determination for a fit life has become stronger than ever. Thanks to Finish Line for providing all the best activewear and athleisure styles so I can reach my goals and stay motivated.

I stay inspired and centered around a fit life for my kids and for D. Teaching them about self love and staying physically fit is one of my biggest motivators in life. I want my kids to be active and see the world. They need to be active and explore to find out who they are as little people. The more I can get them to become “doers” the better I feel about my job as a mom. I know that being a “doer” takes a lot of energy. This is why staying healthy, eating right and keeping up on fitness is so important.


When we aren’t feeling our best, we can’t perform at our best. In order to give my kids the opportunity to be active, I have to be active. I need to be fit and healthy to help them with these active lifestyle goals. This starts at a young age! You know what they say, “lead by example”. I know they watch what I do. I’m trying to instill in them that staying active is something that should happen every day. I make the choice on Saturday mornings to get up early, move my body and help them get active. I’m trying to show them that hard things have great rewards. I hope it’s sticking! (wink) I want my family to have a lifetime of being active. I know this habit starts now. Living an active lifestyle has so many benefits. Better sleep at night, higher quality of life, an optimistic outlook on the world, stronger muscles & bones, less chance of diabetes, and weight control. All these things can give you and your kids more confidence to live the life you want.

Now, in order to be active, you have to have the appropriate attire for you and your family. Whether it’s shopping at the farmer’s market on the weekend or hitting up your favorite workout. I live in my Nike Air Max 270 Shoes 90% of my days. You know I have almost every color and now stock the kids section because I can fit into the 4.5! (lollll)  I need comfort, versatility and they have to be cute + chic! I’m crazy about these!! I’ve been wearing them the last year and I have had so many people ask me about them. Not only are they amazing to workout in, (my typical work out – Equinox and Soulcycle) they are so comfortable to run errands in. I never want to take them off. I can really feel the support in these sneakers. I also take them when we travel. They were a hit in Tokyo with all my fun rompers and jean jackets



Have a great day!



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