I’m in LOVE with this Trader Joe’s salad. You can get everything at TJ’s. It’s a variety of all the things I have in my fridge at the time. Sometimes I switch what is on top but for the most part this is it.

Arugula,Spinach leaves,craisins,cheese (I use feta a lot too), tricolor quinoa,fresh bruschetta mix (fridge section),corn,pumpkin seeds


chopped cucumber,green apples,walnuts,avocado

I use the low fat ranch to top it with. (also found in fridge section at TJ’s)

You can also omit the dressing if you want, the bruschetta is packed with flavor.

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original recipe is found HERE

Salad #2

All Green Kale Salad

Massaging kale breaks down its tough cellulose structure, makes it taste less bitter, and easier to digest. Simply take bunches of kale in both hands — with the fibrous ribs removed — rub them together and repeat. A visible change takes place as you do this; the leaves darken, shrink in size, and become silky in texture. I like to add olive oil, fresh lemon juice, and salt to further break down the kale and make it taste delicious. I add about 1 tsp olive oil, juice from half a lemon, and 1/4 tsp salt per large bunch of kale. Massage about 5 mins and then keep in the fridge. I do a ton at the beginning of every week and use it all week long.

green apples, avocado, massaged kale, pistachios with Tessemae’s salad dressing… the soy ginger is my favorite. I usually use olive oil and vinegar or anything low fat from Trader Joe’s.

One last recipe. I also love soup. Soup is healthy and so filling. They are full of fiber and packed with vitamins.

This is such a good recipe for Split Pea Soup. (I usually omit the potatoes)

You can make a big batch of this and save it for quick meals during the week. My entire family eats this by the cup full!


I love shopping and cooking with Trader Joe’s ingredients.Check out other posts for ideas on healthy eating

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