Aug 27, 2018

Protein Pancakes/Crepes

Hi friends! I found this recipe a few years ago when I wanted a semi healthier¬† pancake/crepe recipe. This recipe has more egg than your average crepes and I use almond flour instead of white flour. I also add one scoop of vanilla protein if I’m eating them. Enjoy!

5 Eggs

3 cups milk or almond milk

1 tsp. vanilla

3 cups flour or almond flour

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 tsp. salt

Beat eggs with a fork until blended. Add milk and vanilla. Beat with a mixer until blended.

Keep mixing as you add flour, sugar, and salt. Try to get as smooth as possible. Use pam spray or butter on pan. Pour batter in pan as you would regular pancakes. Serve with syrup, berries, jam or nutella. I never make regular pancakes anymore. I love that these give my kids more protein!



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