Sep 26, 2017

Post Baby Body & Beauty

The older you get and the more babies you have…it takes longer to get back to where you were pre-pregnancy. I knew this would be the case, but didn’t fully realize how much extra effort would go into it after Ozzy.

I have 10 pounds to lose, which I am totally fine with. It always takes me a solid 9-10 months to lose my pregnancy weight. What’s been a surprise is how soft I am and how much my skin has changed. Slowly but surely I am seeing results from my efforts.

Here’s a list of what I’ve been doing: 

BODYROK- I’ve met my friend here 3x a week for the past 4 weeks. Shaking, swearing, thinking my crotch could snap in half..I’ve had it all. But, I’m feeling stronger and my endurance is up. I love it! Plus, they have the best retail section of clothes. So so good.

FRESH BY TRANSFORM– my friends and former neighbors Chris & Heidi Powell, of ABC’s Extreme Makeover Edition and Transform App(if BBG and My Fitness Pal had a baby, it would be Transform App) now have a meal delivery system, called FRESH! You guys..100% honesty, they taste amazing! Vacuumed sealed, they stay fresh for 3 weeks in the fridge. Even my kids eat them. Swear.

DR. ZOE– As a aesthetician it takes a lot for me to trust someone else with my skin. Dr. Zoe’s background as a anesthesiologist who also went to Stanford AND served in the Navy..I mean how could I not trust those credentials? She’s a wizard with my skin, gave me the best botox of my life and sells her own private line of skincare. If you are in San Diego area schedule an appt with her: 858.230.2876 OR if you want to order products from her you can email: Liquid Gold and Y.E.S.S are my top two favorite products she carries!

FEEL GOOD PRODUCTS-  My favorite TANNER can help you feel a good 5lbs smaller. Keep your BROWS in place all day. My favorite HAIR MASK. Look instantly awake with this (in pink or purple) UNDER EYE BRIGHTENER.

PROTEIN & CAFFEINE I wrote a post about my favorites HERE.

FRIDGE TOUR– Keeping good food in my fridge is key for me to stay on track.

WORKOUT CLOTHES- Loving this BROWN SWEATSHIRT from Koral. Look at these LEGGINGS. Great SPORT BRA. Obsessed with this ADIDAS jacket!


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XXO lisa

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  1. The “soft” comment.. that’s how I feel! I had my first babygirl 3.5 months ago and I’m 32. I only gained 22 lbs, exercised throughout pregnancy and as soon as physically possible post partum, and yet I still feel soft lol. I’ll either have to tighten up my diet or learn to love this new mom bod!

    • Give yourself a solid year. It’s hard for me to be patient, but I know you’ll get back to where you like to be. Congrats on your new baby! xxo lisa