Jul 28, 2016

#betterYOULandL | protein & liquid gold aka caffeine

As much as I love real food, I often reach for easy snacks and liquid energy to get me through my day. If I’m being honest, it’s A LOT of caffeine. I shop for most of my items on Amazon (this is not a sponsored post, btw). Amazon has the best prices and the quickest shipping, thanks to my Prime membership!

Here’s a list of my monthly buys on Amazon:

I’ve mentioned these before, but really…THEY ARE THE BEST BAR YOU’ll EVER TRY! Did the all caps convey how serious I feel?;) No joke. No lie. 100% the best! My top three flavors in order: Peanut Butter, Lemon Cake, Almond Bliss (tastes like an Almond Joy). Newest flavor I just ordered, Cinnamon Roll. If you’re new to these bars, get the variety pack and decide which you love the most!

My second favorite brand of bars are these Crunch bars! Again, Peanut Butter wins in my book! 30 grams of protein per bar! That’s a ton. These are perfect after a hard workout and even better frozen.

A longtime favorite bar, with great MACROS, are these Quest bars. They have a new flavor you can buy here! Yum!

I’ve been drinking this energy drink for over a decade. 8 years ago I was drinking it so much and running 10+ miles a day so I asked them to sponsor a Ragnar race we were doing, and they did. Hugely successful company, and I’m still a fan! If you want a serious boot of energy try their shots.

Another long-time favorite, these cans of sparkling orange goodness!

I love to make treats with my protein powder and I even add it to my pancakes, as seen here and also my forever favorite protein balls.

Equipement: IMG_6149

You don’t need a gym membership to get in great shape. These dumbbells are my favorite. I’ve had mine since I was training in AZ. Still as good as new! Best price you’ll find anywhere!

A weighted jumprope. Work up to 1000 jumps per day. You can do it! I heard on Oprah years ago that jumping is the single greatest thing you can do to slow down the aging process. JUMP!

A balance ball will help keep your core engaged and your posture on point. I’m a fan!

If you’ve been following my workouts, here and here you know the Slingshot has been a game changer. Get one! Wear it all around the house and when you workout. You will feel the burn!

XXO lisa

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  1. Great post! I need all the healthy protein and caffeine recommendations I can get! Have you tried the cola celsius? I am not a fan of orange flavoring and I was wondering for another flavor recommendation. I just found out about ZIP FIZZ and those are the best!

    • Hey, I haven’t tried the cola flavor. Next time I see one, I’ll grab it and let you know!
      XXO lisa

    • I got a medium. From what I understand there isn’t a big difference in the sizes.

  2. Do you carb cycle or do you keep your macros the same everyday?Love these posts!

  3. Hey Lisa. I love those protein bars too!!

    On another note… where is the white knotted rug from? It’s just what I’ve been looking for!

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