May 19, 2016

#betterYOULandL | ABS

Let me start off by saying I believe that creating a small toned waist has more to do with what you eat than what exercises you do. I’ll also tell you that once you have babies and stretch your skin and abdominal muscles to create another life, you will have to work harder on your abs. Let’s add aging to the mix..once again, you’ll need to work harder and eat a cleaner diet to create and maintain. Sounds a little exhausting, huh? It can be when you are starting out. Once you begin to see small changes, you will be more motivated to keep up your efforts and transform your body.

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I have shingles. It’s put my workouts on hold for over a week now. I’ve been incredibly frustrated, but it’s also reminded me to continue to clean up my diet since I’m not burning calories through exercise. My point? Do what you can with where you are today.


AB WORKOUT Workout2_7212

PLANK 1 minute hold. Keep your abs tight and engaged. ab workout


WEIGHTED SIT-UPS lay flat on your mat. Lift your weight straight armed above your chest. This is a controlled movement so you simply tighten your core and lift straight up. No swinging your arms for momentum. Lift as high as shown here. 15 reps bicycle crunch

BICYCLE CRUNCH you remember these from Jr. High right? Elbow to the knee alternating sides. Keep your core engaged. 15 on each side.


SCISSORS legs straight out in front of. Arms behind your head. Make sure you elbows are far out to the side and you are not pulling on your neck for support. Legs come off the ground and stay nice and straight like a pencil. Now pretend your legs are scissors and move them out and in like so crossing over one another. 15 each side. Workout2_7237

TAP TAPS I LOVE this move. You can use a slingshot for added resistance as an option. This move is so simple and effective. Bend your knees, feet flat, sit up slightly to engage those abs. Now move side to side tapping the outside our heel with your hand. Slow and controlled. 15 on each side.

Try and complete 3 rounds. All three rounds can be done in 10-15 minutes. You’ll feel the burn!

XXO lisa

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