May 5, 2016


It’s not always easy to get to the gym. Lucky for you (and me) you can still get amazing results working out at home! I recommend getting 2 sets of dumbbells. If you are just starting to workout grab a pair of 8 pound weights and then another pair of 10 pound. I also recommend a jump rope. I’ve had the same rope for 10 years, it’s weighted and I use it, a lot. Also grab a SlingShot resistance band and a yoga mat, and you are set!

TANK | LEGGINGS | SPORT BRA | PUMAS | RAY-BAN (the lightest pair to workout in)


100 jumps using your rope pushups till failure

Even though this is a leg workout I always start and finish each workout doing push-ups till failure. curtsy squats

Curtsy Squats: This is starting position. IMG_6163

Ending position. 12 on each leg. Do one leg at a time. plie squats

Plie Squats: Hold a weight and lower yourself into plie position. Now squat 6 inches and back up to plie position. 20 reps. walking lunges

Walking Lunges: You can do these outside or up and down your hallway. 10 on each leg. slingshot

Butt Blaster: Grab your resistance band and put over your knees. You can do this two ways. One, hold onto a bar or wall for support and simply lift your leg back while you squeeze your buns. Or, you can stand tall and walk forward lifting your leg and squeezing with each step. Whatever you choose, do 2o on each leg.


Push-Ups: till failure. Try for at least 15-25. If you need to do modified on your knees, that works just as great! Do what you can.

Now that you are done with this circuit, you get to do it again..go for 2-3 rounds.


If you are in a gym here is what my leg workout looks like: Lift as heavy as you can.

Push-Ups till failure

Wide Leg Press 12 reps

Narrow Leg Press 12 reps

Repeat 3 times

Squats 15 reps with weight

Lunges 12 reps each leg with weight

Repeat 3 times 

Leg Extension 12 reps

Leg Curl 12 reps

Repeat 3 times 

Step Ups on bench with weight 10 each leg

Deadlifts 12 reps

Repeat 3 times 

Push-ups till failure

Good Luck! xoxo lisa

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  1. Hi, i have two questions. what brand is your gold bracelet? It is so hard to find fitted bracelets for small wrists.
    Also what is the heaviest weight you do? Do you switch days using differnt weight? Like mondays you use 10 pound’s the wednsesday 20?
    Love your blog,
    Kim Staheli

    • Hi Kim!
      The bracelet is Cartier and locked on so you have them sized to your wrist. I’ve had mine on for ten years now. They are really expensive and to be honest not the best for things like airport security, spray/self tanner and holding kids with the arm it’s on.

      As far as your workouts go. For dumbbells I don’t go over 20lbs. I like to do three sets of each move and try to increase my weight with each set starting with 10lbs. More than anything if you are staying consistent with your workouts, like 5-6 days a week you will see and feel results!

      Thanks for your question. I have 8.5 weeks till I have this baby and can hardly wait to work out again! XXO lisa

  2. Hi Lisa! Love your fitness posts!! Question, how many days a week do you workout? Thanks!!

    • Hey Hannah, I just changed up my routine. Now I do Orange Theory 2-3 times a week and lift at the gym 3 days as well. Thanks for your support! XXO lisa

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