Jun 15, 2016

Tour of my FRIDGE | #betterYOULandL

I recently shot a couple recipe posts for an upcoming feature. While my photographer, Arielle was over we got to talking about what people keep in their fridge and how they eat. I think it’s fascinating to see inside someones fridge. Is that weird? Kinda. Anyway, I opened mine up and had her take some pictures. What’s important to me is having a well stocked fridge. Especially beverages. Growing up our home was known for the best fridge, pantry and drinks. It was a like a condensed Costco. So what’s in my fridge: Lisa Allen's Fridge

Pre-cooked hard boiled eggs from Costco save me. Don’t be freaked out by them. Just rinse them off, add a little salt and pepper and you’re set. Mini pickles. Carrots. Blackberries, Spicy Hummus. Salsa. Apricots. Two types of cherries. Watermelon. Grapes. Strawberries. Guacamole cups from Costoc(the best). Raspberries. Wow, lots of fruit. I actually don’t eat a ton of fruit. But, Jeff eats a TON and so do the kids. LIsa Allen fridge

3 types of chicken sausage. My favorite are the artichoke and mozzarella from Costco. Shredded cheese. Produce Drawer

Heirloom tomatoes. More carrots. Mini cucumbers (kids love these in their lunches). Bell peppers. Avocados. RESIZED-GoogleExpress-10

Basil. Cilantro. Limes. Lemons. Lettuce. Water Melon Water in the fridge of Lisa Allen of LunchPails and Lipstick

Watermelon juice. Almond milk. Bai drinks. Muscle Milk light. RESIZED-GoogleExpress-7

The basics: Ketchup. Mustard. Paleo Mayo. Green Curry Sauce. Bolthouse Dressings.

…and what’s in my freezer??RESIZED-GoogleExpress-3

Haha..how sad. But not really. I try to buy as much fresh food as possible and limit the items in my freezer to Trader Joe’s brown rice. Costco muffins, the kids pull them out one at a time and they thaw in about 20-30 mins. Potstickers. Fries. Organic popcorn kernels. Food grade hydrogen peroxide, my friend is teaching me the benefits of this. I’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading. Have a great day everyone!

XXO lisa

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  1. I stumbled on your site because of our many mutual friends and I’m so glad I did. I love it! Thanks for all of your real and inspiring posts. Everything you do seems to be full of class and done right.

    • Gosh Lani! Thank you. Tell your friends thanks for the referral as well. XXO

  2. I just want to say that I originally followed you as a fashion blogger but I’m really digging the “betteryou” series! I actually enjoy those posts the most and look forward to them now. So thank you!!! And keep them coming! This was a good one!

    • Thank you Courtney! We love doing these posts as much as you love reading them. They are a lot of fun to show different sides of our lives other than the clothes we wear:). Thanks for stopping by and for supporting what we do. XXO lisa

  3. What brand is your Paleo mayo ? We have been searching for a tasty one . Thank you!!

    • The brand is Primal Kitchen and it’s made with Avocado Oil. Hope that helps! XXO lisa

  4. I love all of your choices and need to find that paleo mayo!!! I’m hoping it’s Whole 30 approved 🙂

  5. What brand refrigerator is that? We are holding a new house so I’m curious.

    • it’s a Samsung and I wouldn’t recommend it:[ Our one regret is this house is not going all out on appliances. Don’t make the same mistake:)

  6. Why do you keep the pop-corn kernels in the fridge? I love pop-corn and any tips to eating fresh pop-corn I’ll take. Also what are your favorite go to Bolt-house salad dressings?

    • I keep them in the freezer to keep them fresh longer. I go through a bag a week..I know, it’s a lot but keep 3-4 bags in my freezer at all times. Just throw them in the air popper straight from the freezer. No need to let them thaw.

    • Our Costco carries this brand of watermelon juice. It’s seriously the BEST! You can find it at other grocery stores as well. XXO

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