Oct 17, 2017

Core Power

I get asked about my pre and post exercise routine often. My workouts vary, but I try and keep my maintenance the same with a high protein intake following my workout and taking in enough vitamins and nutrients. I posted about a protein drink I love here. I talked about how I love to keep one in my bag when I’m on the go or need protein after a workout. I have some products I have loved forever, but I’m also always in search of new products I love and can share! I found Core Power and am hooked! I can’t deny that I’m swayed by convenience. I love a good grab-and-go protein drink.

Along with 26 grams of protein, Core Power is packed with so many nutrients to aid in recovery and restoration of the body. I’ve been doing Bodyrok with a friend a few times a week, I love it. However ever since my first pregnancy I get cramps in my right foot and calf when I do pilates and yoga. When I was searching for a protein drink I could stand behind, one of my requirements was being high in potassium and sodium. Usually, in food, we try and stay away from too much sodium. Potassium and sodium are electrolytes, so after a workout, they are exactly what our body needs to rehydrate and help manage cramping. Potassium also helps regulate our blood pressure, and I can always use help in this area! I can say from experience, it has definitely helped.

Protein and carbs are necessities after exercising to aid in recovery and maintain the muscle you are working so hard to grow. With Core Power, I love that the protein comes from REAL milk. I’m not great at remembering to take supplements, but I know the benefits and try my best. I try and get as many vitamins from the food I eat, but what I’m not getting from food, I try and find a way to get the rest from one place. Core Power is rich in calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin A which maintain our bone strength. Calcium supports our vascular system as well as our muscles. And vitamin A supports cell growth and division which will increase healing time and make sure healthy cells are being made.

I believe that the way you care for your body before exercise and after exercise will completely make or break your results. And believe me, I have tried to achieve my desired results with just exercising, but it only comes when I’m taking care of myself. From being a personal trainer for many years (it was my favorite job I’ve ever had, besides being a mom), I’ve learned that being strong and healthy is key. Nothing feels better than having the energy and strength to complete a good, hard workout. I don’t leave home without at least one Core Power in my bag at all times! Have you tried it yet? Which flavor do you love the most? My #1 is vanilla.

Sponsored by Core Power.

XXO lisa

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