Sep 26, 2017

Core Power

I have friends who swear by protein drinks and drink them daily. I actually used to be one of those people. I got burnt out, went the green drink route for my morning routine and now I’m back on a daily protein drink! Finding one that tastes incredible with post-workout benefits led me to Core Power. Core Power is a milk-based, protein recovery drink containing high quality protein. What I love most is that it really is for every time of workout, at any level!

Core Power stuck out to me because of the ingredient list! There are so many REAL ingredients and vitamins to help enhance your bones and muscles after a workout. Lean muscle is always my goal and I found that I needed to be consuming a bit more protein than I had been, especially immediately after my work out. I became a fan of Core Power because one bottle contains 26 grams of high quality protein and it has a great protein to carb ratio!  It is also made from fairlife ultra-filtered milk and all of the protein comes from the milk itself, never any protein powders. 20% of the protein comes from the whey and the other 80% comes from the casein, all naturally occurring in the milk.

They are the perfect size to throw in your bag when you are on the go and need to get carbs and proteins in. Most protein drinks on the market use protein powders and fillers, Core Power uses real milk in all of their drinks.

The other day I was running all around- from getting my morning workout in to my hair appointment in La Jolla. I showered after the gym and was off to make my hair appointment when I realized I was SO hungry and needed something to nourish my body from my workout and hold me over for the next few hours. Luckily I kept a bottle of Core Power with me and it really is the perfect protein drink- healthy and satisfying. Keeping a bottle with me when I leave the house has proven to keep me out of the In N’ Out Drive Thru line;) Right now vanilla is my flavor of choice! You guys, it’s seriously good!

As I get older, I want to do all that I can to keep my bones and muscles healthy and strong. Calcium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D are three components in maintaining muscle mass, promoting strong bones, and good blood flow. Core Power nearly meets all of those nutrient levels in one drink. I was so impressed by the amount of potassium in every serving, giving me the electrolytes I need to refuel after a good workout. Exercise has always been a passion of mine, and was once a big part of my career. And Core Power has been a great benefit to my health routine! Give it a try.

XXO lisa

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