Oct 14, 2018

Skin Care Must Haves

One of my favorite things about being a blogger and an esthetician are the endless products to try! You should see my bathroom right now, it’s exploding with products. I need my friends to come take it all!  Lunchpails has worked with incredible lines – in drugstores, department stores, and medical offices. I went through my bathroom cabinets and decided to pull all the products I will keep on rotation no matter what! These are products that I’ve noticed really work and change the appearance of skin over time. These are products that every woman should know about. These are anti-aging and will keep your skin glowing. You don’t need everything at once but start with adding one new item to your routine. I promise you will see a difference!

Remember my post about my love for BOTOX IN A BOTTLE. I still use this and understand why it won a ton of awards. It’s still at the top of my list. After I wash my face I put two pumps of this serum over my fore head, around wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. I put it anywhere I want to work on wrinkles and elasticity. Two times a day or just at night is fine too. It’s also been known to help your botox last longer. Read more below. (#17 on the list)

1.Clarisonic mini exfoliating brush – This is the updated mini version of the clarisonic exfoliating brush. Works 6x greater than hands alone to exfoliate and keep your skin clear. Your skin will glow while keeping a dewy and fresh appearance longer. It’s waterproof which is an added bonus and travels well. I keep it in my shower and use it every morning.

2.Pigment Bar – This is an incredible face wash that is included in the PCA pigment control program. Use it in the morning. You use this to brighten your skin and fade any brown spots. It’s by PCA which is one of the best medical grade skin care lines.

3.Chantecaille Brightening Serum – This face serum is incredibly hydrating while giving your skin a huge boost of antioxidants it needs to repair itself from the environment. Smells so good and feels so good!

4.Obagi Clear Step 3 – I use this #3 CLEAR step on a as needed basis. After the summer is over and I have a few more brown spots than normal I use this to wipe it all away. (get at Med Spa or Derm)

5.Clarifying Clay Masque – This is a non drying face mask for all skin types. It’s pretty much the only face mask I do. We have a steam room and I use this product once a week with the steam. Make your own hot towels if you don’t have access to a steam room or just make your shower super hot. Let the product penetrate into your pores. Your skin will feel so clean and fresh. It’s my favorite!

6. ENLITE Scrub & Glow – Pick this up at CVS the next time you are there. It’s inexpensive and works magic. It exfoliates and keeps your skin so soft! My pores instantly look smaller and I feel younger which is a good thing!

7. CE FERULIC – I use this every single day. It’s an added protection and defense for your skin against the environment and sun. It will fade spots from blemishes and the vitamin C is extremely anti-aging. It’s a serum you put on under your moisturizer and sunscreen. If you use one serum use this! It’s the number one beauty product on the market.

8. Body Retexturing Treatment – This lotion is amazing!! Gets rid of rough skin on heels, knees and elbows. It has ingredients that also tighten the skin. It’s amazing!

9. Phloretin CF Gel – This is just like #7 but in gel form. Some people tend to break out with the serum. In that case use this gel. Put it on every day under your moisturizer and sunscreen. Improves tone, discoloration and works hand in hand with your spf.

10. Advanced Pigment Corrector– one of Allure’s top products! You can use this every night to keep an even skin tone and prevent discoloration from blemishes or sun damge from reoccurring.

11. Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen Jug– You’ll see me all summer walking around with this jug of sunscreen in my hands. I love it for my kids and for myself. I’d bathe in it if I could.

12. Retexturizing Activator – Use this every other night. This will retexturize your skin. It diminishes fine lines and wrinkles as it exfoliates your skin while you sleep. It’s such a great product!

13. Eye Cream in a pump – The best eye cream around. It will plump and hydrate the skin under your eyes while firming. It also protects against UV rays. I re-apply this during the day when I’m feeling super dry.

14. Face Moisturizer by Bliss – I love all the names from Bliss. This is the “Drench and Quench”. It’s exactly what it says it is. Super moisturizing and hydrating.

15. Shea Body Butter by Supergoop- It feels like cashmere being rubbed all over your body. I’m in love with this body butter. I have the world’s most dry skin. It’s been helping me so much!

16. Make up Remover Wipes – best wipes period. I have nights that I just can’t make it to the bathroom to wash my face. These are the best invention ever! I also keep them in my purse, especially in the summer when we are out all day.

17. Botox in a bottle, Exlinea Smoothing Serum – read about it: BOTOX IN A BOTTLE I did a post about his amazing product last year and I still use it religiously.


What should I use to reduce REDUCE DARK SPOTS?

In my opinion everyone should use VITAMIN C every single day. Put it on right after you wash your face in the morning. This is the one product that can prevent future damage and also correct already damaged skin.  The anti-aging benefits of this vitmain c gel are huge. It’s great to get started and fade out the dark spots you might have from the summer. I wash my face in the morning and put this on immediately. Follow it up with moisturizer and sunscreen.

Skin Medica Pigment Correcting Serum – this treats uneven skin tone and pigment. It’s known to work fast, in as little as 2 weeks. I use this at night. I wash my face and then add this serum all over my face. I let it sit for one minute before applying iS clinical and then my moisturizer.

I’ve been working with an esthetician in town that put me on this active serum named iS clinical. I use this at night only. I can feel the tingle on my skin when I apply it. It will have your skin glowing. It brightens your skin while evening out your skin tone. The active ingredients work together to shed your top layer of skin. It literally helps with everything. Clears up acne, brightens skin, reduces hyperpigmentation and prevents fine lines/ wrinkles.

Ferulic Acid & Retinol Combo is a must for reducing brown spots. This delivers strong antioxidants to protect the skin during the day. The ferulic acid prevents the harmful sun rays from causing brown spots. The retinol ingredient is crucial for cell renewal. I use this every single day under my sunscreen and moisturizer.

If you are a huge fan of OBAGI take advantage of the 25% off deal and get CLEAR. I spot treat with this when my pigment gets out of control. It will help fade spots.


I’ve been super into JUICE BEAUTY, (Gwyneth Paltrow’s organic skincare line) I just purchased this NECK SERUM for tightening. Also known to help fight against lines and wrinkles/sagging skin of the neck and chest area.

 I’ve been using the STRIVECTIN PLUS NECK CREAM. Specifically created to tighten the skin on your neck. Never let your neck reveal your real age. wink, wink. I put this over the neck serum above.

What are your favorite FACIAL MASKS? 

This is the yummiest mask. Your skin will drink it up.  You can leave it on up to an hour and even sleep in it. Your skin will feel refreshed and hydrated. I put this on for an hour before heading to a big event or night out when I’m trying to look my best. People usually say it makes me look like I’m well rested. It’s a great thing to travel with. First thing off the plane and you’ll feel like a million bucks.

PUMPKIN HYDRATION MASK – tis the season for all things pumpkin. Nothing better than a repairing mask that brings back the glow. This smells so good, you’ll want to eat it.


I’ve been working with an esthetician in town that put me on this active serum named iS clinical. I use this at night only. I can feel the tingle on my skin when I apply it. It will have your skin glowing while breaking down the top layering. It brightens your skin while evening out your skin tone. The active ingredients work together to shed your top layer of skin. It literally helps with everything. Clears up acne, brightens skin, reduces hyperpigmentation and prevents fine lines/ wrinkles.


L&L raves about the NU FACE FACIAL TONING DEVICE. It is making a huge difference in my skin and how tight it is. I begin my day using this little device. You can get the app on your phone and get specific videos for the areas of your face you want to tighten. I have a plan I do on the daily. Your skin will tighten up and look better than ever.

These DAILY PEEL PACKETS are the bomb!! I use these once or twice a week at night. It’s a great peel to do at home to freshen up your skin and make sure you are challenging it. I like to keep my skin guessing so it doesn’t ever get used to the same old routine.

This REA FACE TOOL won so many awards. I found it in Japan when I went to all the skin care stores in Tokyo. It’s a must!


If you are looking for a quick way to bump up your skincare routine and add more anti-aging to your nightly routine get this 3 STEP system  These are products I currently use and recommend to my skincare clients.


I love the COLORSCIENCE sunscreen sticks with pigment. I use MEDIUM. I’m a sunscreen junkie. I’ll brush this on my face after I have already have this sunscreen lotion on.

If you have melasma or prone to pigmentation, use this SUNSCREEN. Specifically made for this skin type to control melasma or pigment from coming back.

I don’t leave the house without THIS SPF50. I’ve used it for years. It’s the best on the market for your face.


I use this EYE CREAM every night. It’s amazing. I can feel it work the second I apply it. It actually helps dark circles a ton!

The only other eye complex I use is this iS EYE SERUM for puffiness and dark circles. The entire iS line blows me away. I’m slowing trying all of the products because they are amazing.


If you are an adult and still getting acne and breakouts this ACNE SYSTEM works wonders. I even use this to spot treat during that certain hormonal time during the month.

I use this CLAY MASK to spot treat blemishes or acne. It’s a decongestant for your skin. You’ll never want anything else!



Ruched GREY dress long sleeve

LORAC EYESHADOW PALETTES are my favorite. So many colors to choose from. Includes a great big mirror in case you are on the go.

The best bargain make up line – NYX . I use the BB CREAM  to even out my skin tone and its medium coverage.

I love SETTING POWDER. It’s like a filter going over your make up to make everything look smooth. This will last you a very long time!

I’m obsessed with watching youtube videos all about contouring. I got this CONTOUR KIT and absolutely love it. It’s so fun to play around with the colors.


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  28. I love all of the wonderful information you have provided! As my skin ages I have become more concerned with using good skin products. I would love to try Botox I’m a Bottle!

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  56. I tried to comment earlier via my MacBook, but it didn’t show up.:(. Thought I’d try with my phone. I was just wondering if you found any other gel/moisturizer that can be used with the Nu Face toning device other than the Bu Face brand one. (One that doesn’t have to be washed off would be awesome. )Thx!

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    • Make sure and always consult with your doctor if you are pregnant. Lots of products shouldn’t be used while pregnant!

      my top 3 –
      botox in a bottle – the exlinea
      vitamin C – because I think everyone should have this every day on their skin
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