Jul 7, 2014

botox in a bottle

I have been working with the skin care line, PCA. I recently attended the PCA skin seminar in NYC as an esthetician. PCA education is a hands on seminar for estheticians that want to use PCA medial grade products. If you are an esthetician and want to work with the best medical grade products check out this class.  The seminar locations are listed here. You will definitely find one in your area.

I am so impressed with all of the products. They will CHANGE your skin. This medical grade skin care line will deliver results without breaking the bank. The most common problems women face are Aging, Acne,and Hyperpigmentation(brown spots). Today’s post and giveaway will be for aging skin. We are all worried about wrinkles or preventing wrinkles- right!? My all time favorite PCA product is the BOTOX IN A BOTTLE –  Exlinea Peptide Smoothing Serum. Also known as BOTOX IN A BOTTLE. This will minimize your fine lines and wrinkles. It will also maintain the integrity of your botox (if you are doing this). It will help slow down the visible appearance of aging. Trust me, you need this! Everyone can prevent and maintain. You can purchase it here. I use it to help my botox last longer. I get botox every 4-6 months. My botox metabolizes faster when I work out more. Did you know that can happen? If you notice sometimes it doesn’t last as long, this could be happening. Lots of cardio and weight training increases your body to metabolize the botox faster! I do forehead and around my eyes. 

Find an esthetician in your area (most likely at a med spa or doctor’s office) who is trained in PCA skincare treatments if you would like to consult with a skincare professional. The chemical peels through PCA are the best I have ever used and worked with. Contact Jenna if you would like a skin consultation, jenna@lunchpailsandlipstick.com



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  1. Jenna, which of these products are safe during pregnancy? Thanks so much and LOOOOVE your blog.