Feb 18, 2021

The Key To Long Natural Feathery Lashes

I love natural lashes. Ever since covid started I’ve stopped the lash extensions and I couldn’t be happier! Think about the freedom…One less appointment every 2-4 weeks! I felt like the lash extensions were get a little overboard. The lash extensions made my eyes look heavy and older.

So….I made the switch to natural lashes and love using Lancome!

With the Lancome IDOLE mascara I’ve completely changed my look to much more natural. I love this mascara for so many reasons. First of all it creates the longest feathered lashes. No clumping at all. The gel formula allows you to apply multiple coats of mascara to create the thickness you want. Like I said….NO CLUMPING will happen!

The key to the best lashes-

1.Start with the cult following Lancome Primer. Go read the reviews. Seems like the entire world uses this primer. It coats the lashes with primer for a fuller look with mascara. It also helps keep the mascara in place and stay away from your upper eyelid!

2.Apply as many coats of the IDOLE Mascara as needed. Your lashes will transform to pretty feathery, long lashes!

Good luck and tag me in photos when you try this combo. It’s amazing!!

Good Luck!



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