Oct 10, 2018

Outfit ideas for Family Photos this Fall

It’s family pictures season, time to spice up that Fall wardrobe! If you are like me, I struggle finding the perfect outfit to wear for family pictures. It literally stresses me out! My photographer recommends her clients to have the mom pick her outfit and colors first. This will inspire the rest of the family. Doing this helps get a color palette to go off of  for matching colors/prints that coordinate. And hey, making sure mom looks her best is key!

I decided to share a few outfit ideas that would be picture perfect for picture day! Say cheese!

SKIRT |  TOP  | JACKET HEELS (oatmeal suede)

****This is the SKIRT and TOP and JACKET that I am wearing in the photos. I love, love the print! Perfect for family pictures. This outfit gives a wide variety of colors to work with when matching the rest of your tribe. I always wear  HEELS (oatmeal suede) because D is 6’5 and I need the height!

1. I found this adorable SWEATER the other day. Not only is it so cute with the detail pearls on it, it’s also so cozy and soft. Plus grey is an easy color to coordinate other outfits with. It’s also 25% off right now, with Bloomingdales friends and family discount. How cute would these COATED BLACK SKINNY JEANS look with it.

2. I love this SWEATER the color is so fall! It has the perfect amount of edginess to it with the gold embellishments on the sleeves. It’s a perfect color  as the pop of color in a family pic. Perfect with a pair of dark blue JEANS.

3. I am obsessed with this adorable DRESS (and it has pockets!!). Such a perfect option for family pictures. It’s always a great idea to have some texture/print as a pop in a picture. This dress has just the right amount of that. Wear it with this great priced SUEDE JACKET.  I love the cedar color best with the dress. Add some BOOTS and a BELT. You’ll be such a beauty on family picture day!

4. Ok, this DRESS and this DRESS are to DIE for! They has such a variety of colors. I think this SHOES in the burgundy color would complete the outfit. Picking something to wear with so many colors makes it easier to find options for the rest of the family.

5. Animal print is so fun for this Fall season. How cute is this DRESS. I love the emerald green color. The light pink is amazing too.

Jenna (mom) wearing – JUMPSUIT IN CREAM or BLACK /

Girls – they normally wouldn’t match in a family photo but I forgot their outfits and Nana had these for them. win!

Davis – Nordstrom Boy Section SWEATER & now CREWCUTS CORDS at Nordstrom, also in this color – CORDS 

Dennis – Nordstrom Mens

Now for the rest of the family…hmmmm what should they wear. Below are a few of my favorite picks for your Man and those cute littles.

6.  Let’s start with your main squeeze. Finding something that your significant other will wear, can be somewhat of a challenge. Here are a few options that I think he might love. This SHIRT comes in a variety of colors. These PANTS are a great find. They also come in a variety of colors. The best part of both options, they are both 40% off.

7. Another option for your main squeeze are these JEANS. Did you know that Madewell now carries Men’s clothing? Yay!!  I am a big fan of a man in a CARDIGAN. I also love a good COAT/BLAZER. Pair the cardigan or coat with a button up shirt or tee. Found the perfect BOOTS, they are so cute!

8. A few options for Boy’s and Girl’s size 6-13. Starting with a few options for your sweet little lady or ladies in your life. This DRESS or this DRESS would match with any of the above options. Loving these BOOTS and these BOOTS as an option. For your handsome little fella or fella’s I found  these adorable BOOTS. These PANTS and this SHIRT. I love this SWEATER and this SWEATER.

9. A few options for Boy’s and Girl’s size 18 months-5T. Starting with a few options for your sweet little girl or girl’s in your life. This DRESS and this DRESS or this DRESS would be a great choices. These BOOTS are so cute! For your handsome little boy or boy’s I love these PANTS and this SWEATER and this CARDIGAN. This SHIRT is cute. How cute are these SHOES for your little guy.

10. A few options for Baby girl. This DRESS is a easy piece to match with. I love this DRESS too. Loving these cute little SHOES. For your Baby boy  I love these PANTS, this SHIRT, and these cute SHOES.

Now you are set! Good Luck on Picture Day! Just remember the photos will be worth it!

SKIRT |  TOP  | JACKET HEELS (oatmeal suede)



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