Aug 22, 2016

Green Lemonade

The Nutritionist that wrote this book has an office out here on the east coast. I love her! I’ve never seen anyone’s skin glow more than hers. Her healthy lifestyle shows. She really does glow from within and her skin is incredible. I’m committed to doing my green lemonade everyday and stick to her plan as much as I can. Your energy level will sky rocket. I ordered every single book and I’ve been learning so much from her take on health. I think she’s an incredible person to learn from. I’ve been drinking my 44oz. of green juice every morning when I wake up. If I don’t have time I drink it in the afternoon when I need a little “pick me up”.

benefits of drinking green lemonade daily

-oxygenating for your cells (Amazing for skin cells)

-brings nutrients, minerals and vitamins to your body without having to digest them

-pulls waste and toxins out of the body

-extremely hydrating


 I use this Breville Juicer  to juice everything| beginner juicer for half the price use this one if you don’t want to spend as much money. I started with it and it’s still an amazing juicer.


handful of kale

2 heads of romaine

2 apples

1 lemon

serve on ice


I also drink my 44 oz. over ice. So good! And the apples & lemon make it sweet while giving it a nice punch–so it takes the green taste away.



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  1. Ok wait so you drink 44oz of the green lemonade and then do you drink green juice on top of that also? Or you just drink 44oz of green lemonade every day? Sooo excited to try!!

    • Hey! I drink 44oz of green lemonade each day. (WHich is green juice) I crave it now. Enjoy! You can make it sweeter by adding more apple. xx jenna

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