Feb 6, 2018


My childhood favorite!! We have these at least twice a week. Sometimes for dinner. I love the high protein and you can switch up the different toppings.

My kids love syrup and strawberries. Or if it’s the weekend we get out the nutella and whip cream

6 eggs

1 cup flour

1 cup milk or almond milk

1 tsp vanilla

(put in blender)

bake at 425 for 25-30 minutes. You’ll see the pancakes bubble up and rise over the pan.

ps – most recipes call for 1/2 cup sugar. I don’t add any sugar to mine. You don’t need it!!! Especially with great fruit toppings or sugary nutella. Don’t add sugar.



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  1. Don’t you have to melt butter in the pan? That’s what makes it sooo good! I’ve never tried it without, but do you just spray the pan beforehand?

    • you can def do the melted butter but we eat these so much i spray the pan so its healthier. xx