Mar 19, 2019

links I LOVE

1.I’m all about this GLORIA SANDAL. One of my favorite bloggers wore them last summer and in 24 hours they sold out! So glad they are back this Spring! I love them in all the metallics and also the nude color is so good. More colors available here (but not gold)


2.I’m loving the hem line of these BLACK JEANS above. Hit right at ankle and they are so soft! A new favorite pair for me!

3.The best STAY ALL DAY MATTE LIPSTICK. I love it in Dream Huge. I put this GLOSS over the top for the plumping effect. And it smells divine!


4.It’s time to order that EASTER DRESS and have it by the end of the week. I love this YUMI KIM MAXI DRESS ! So pretty and so fun to wear.

5.Speaking of Easter dresses I found THIS DRESS yesterday and loved everything about it!

6.If you were traveling which BELT BAG would you choose? OPTION ONE / OPTION TWO 

7.This  VAMPIRE FACIAL post was a hit during the Q& A on Sunday.

Yes! Worth every single penny! I did a VAMPIRE FACIAL POST here. My skin responds so well to this treatment. It treats all skin issues and replaces old skin cells with new! Read all about it!

8.In my opinion we always need sunscreen. Even at night. The lights at restaurants, computer/phone screens all give off harmful rays. I wear SPF constantly.

I like the NAKED FOUNDATION  super light weight and keeps your skin looking flawless. I like the CONCEALER too!

9. If you don’t like foundationI wear THIS CC CREAM. Super dewy and hydrating. Great coverage and color. If I had to buy one thing this would be it!

10.I actually panic now when my boxes pile up. But I love trying new things and love that part of my job. These are my favorite BEAUTY PRODUCTS as of now!


FACE MASK PEARL – $6! and works so good!

WATER BANK EYE GEL – this was an Allure Beauty favorite. The most hydrating gel for under your eyes. It’s so good!!

11. I love the TOPSHOP DENIM SHORTS. Only $55 and fit so good. I go one size up so they aren’t so fitted.

12.Make sure and check out this SWIMSUIT POST if you are looking for a ONE-PIECE SUIT. It’s so cute and in all sizes.


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