May 29, 2019

links I LOVE

1.What’s in my BEAUTY BAG? On the road trip to Montauk last weekend I did a “what’s in my beauty/skincare bag.” These are the things I don’t leave home without. The WHITE CLEAR STAUD BAG (I used) and here is the DUPE!

LHA CLEANSER– The best cleanser. Keeps me from breaking out. I love the hydroxy acid in it.

BROZING SPRAY MIST – I get spray tans every couple weeks. This spray mist prolongs my tan. I spray it on my neck,chest and arms if I need a little extra color. I do my abs too if I’m wearing a 2 piece the next day. It’s such a good self tanning spray.

BODY BLUR – this stuff is magic! It’s like make-up for the body. Doesn’t rub off and leaves your skin bronzed and flawless.


NARS LIPGLOSS -in turkish delight

EYE MOISTURE SURGE – I wear this as a 3 minute eye mask. Plumps fine lines up and plumps any hallow areas under eyes. It attracts water to the area it’s applied. After the 3 minutes I rub the rest into my eye area. Great to wear under make-up as well.

2.My dentist is helping me take super great care of my teeth and gums. He has me addicted to this TOOTHBRUSH for myself and kids. It’s amazing. I prefer it to my old sonicare.

3.When I did SOULCYCLE in Montauk this weekend I wore this SEAMLESS CAMI. I had a bunch of questions on where to buy it.

4.I’ve loved this RUG so much I decided to get it in a 10×13 for our new home. It’s so pretty and durable.

5.I’ve been wearing these EMBELLISHED SANDALS non-stop. I’m in love with them and under $20. I love when you send me pictures of how you style them. I’m going to share a few tomorrow. Quite a few of you sent me pics. xx

6.I found a bunch of swimsuits at Target. Scroll through the arrows to see which ones I took to the Hamptons last week. I love this LEOPARD ONE!!


7.I wear this BEADED NECKLACE and never take it off. I get asked a lot about it and finally looked up the designer. I bought it in a boutique in my town. I love how simple and delicate it is.Also comes in lots of colors and you can add a charm if you want. I don’t have the charm on mine.

8.Hands down, the best SUN HAT you will get for this price. I love panama hats as well but in the summer they don’t give me enough coverage.

9.I’m in love with Yumi Kim dresses. This GISELLE MAXI DRESS (wearing xs) was so much fun to wear to dinner. We went to North Beach and after dinner hanging out while the sunset was happening was just way too cool.


10.This POM POM HIGH-WAISTED BIKINI is under $30. Comes in so many color options and patterns. I have the black and striped red one. It fit perfect in the size medium. Just make sure you order one size up from your normal size. The splurge version is over $200.

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