Dec 17, 2018

links I LOVE

Happy Monday! I can’t believe this is the last full week before Christmas! I can’t wait to chill out with my family and enjoy a bunch of QT with them. What are you up to this week?

a new links I LOVE post is up below!

ps I can’t stop wearing red…

RED LONG SLEEVE (5 colors) | LEVIS | HAT  | RED LIPS (love this new stick)

1.Madewell’s NEWEST SWEATER. I’m obsessed with it!! And it’s already going viral on instagram. It’s so good. Wearing it to the city tomorrow. 25% off today.

2.I’m crazy about this DIFFUSER with essential oils. The air you breathe feels so pure and I love putting tangerine oil iin mine. Reminds me of my favorite perfume by JO MALONE.

3. I had to grab these LEGGINGS. SO good!!

4.Hellllo, my favorite NIKE’S on sale in so many color combos in time for the holidays.

Just ordered in the guava ice/terra blush color. Amazing color combo. 

5.I loved our Tokyo trip this year so much! Check out these crazy shots on their  SUBWAY. Look at these commuter pictures, NYers have nothing to complain about. lol

6.We do BREAKFAST FOR DINNER every single week at least 2 times. We make GERMAN PANCAKES/POP UPS. Click here for recipe. High protein and takes under 30 minutes to bake. Prep is under 5 minutes!!

7.Ordered these KID SMART WATCHES for my girls. They feel so grown up wearing them. I like that they set the alarm to get them up in the morning. It really has been nice to have them take that responsibility!

8.I’ve been searching the internet for TRAVEL TIPS, getting the travel bug again and thinking of where we will go this year. I loved this TRIP HACK POST.

9.I can’t believe 2019 is right around the corner. Are you going out NYE or stay in with the family? I just read this article about going out sans kids. I’m torn!

10.I’m crazy about this LAYERED NECKLACE CHOKER in gold. It’s under $35 and so cute on!!

10.Did you read WHY I HAVE COLLAGEN POWDER in all my drinks? It does amazing things for your mind and body! Check it out. Or here is the direct link to the COLLAGEN POWDER I use.

12.I can’t get over this  MAXI dress. Looks like a DVF dress without the price tag. I also found it in the same print for my GIRLS.



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