Jan 21, 2019

links I LOVE

1. These GUCCI TIGHTS are so fun to wear. I know that this price is still a lot for tights but I was surprised they weren’t double.

2.MONROW TEES and SWEATS are my absolute favorite. I shared this athletic fit on stories today. It’s on sale for 50% off.

3.I love these ALPHABET INITIAL LETTERS. It’s the Celine dupe in mini version. Really cute!

4.These SUEDE HEELS look just like my Stuart Weitzman heels. I’m obsessed, especially the price!!

5.I’m crazy about these HEELS and they are 50% off.

6.Need a really cool pair of BLACK BOOTS? These are 60% off. They are amazing.

7.Remember this DRESS I wore? It’s marked waaaaay down!

8. Can’t get over these SWEATS with the red stripes/camo. TO DIE FOR!

9.I’ve been looking for a new pair of GOLDEN GOOSE and decided on HIGH TOPS. Or maybe these BLACK ONES. I’m always in black leggings and a coat so the all black pair might be kind of fun and different.  You can find a bunch here up to 25% off.

10.Everyone needs this BELTED MIDI DRESS. Doesn’t it look amazing!

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