Dec 5, 2018

the FESTIVE 15 (wink!) and a new links I LOVE

Yay! They brought back my NAVY COAT from last season. It sold out in 48 hours so if you love it, grab it!!!!



It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And also the hardest… in terms of staying on track with nutrition and fitness (keeping gluten out of my system- #celiac). I’m literally running from activity to activity all month; school celebrations for my kids, church parties, neighborhood open houses, work is extra busy in December with last minute deadlines to be met… the list is endless. And every gathering features tons of treats. Now I have the added stress of making sure everything I put in my mouth is gluten-free. I came up with a strategy for surviving this month without gaining the FESTIVE 15 … (haha kidding but not) hopefully some of these will work for you guys as well!

PRE-EAT: This is listed first for a reason; eating before you get to a party is a game changer. While I’m getting ready I make sure I have a generous snack of something protein-rich. Ideas are greek yogurt with granola and fruit, a protein bar, peanut or sunbutter on apples, a smoothie… anything that ensures when you walk into a party you aren’t starving. Try to stick with just one plate of food and nurse it all evening; focus on the conversations and ignore the treats! Beverages are also calorie laden and since I often don’t know what’s in them, I stick with water. Bring your own safe beverages and offer them as gifts. Sparkling water with sliced fruit is always a crowd pleaser.

 KEEP HEALTHY SNACKS HANDY: Always having almonds, protein balls, cut up veggies, or hard-boiled eggs ensures I don’t get off track while I’m out running around. This is a habit I use year-round; I’m always trying to avoid arriving at my 5th grader’s class party hangry and then binge eating rice krispie treats!

WAIST-TRAINING: my crazy friend swears by this and I’m intrigued. Basically you wear one of these torture devices 6-8 hours a day. Apparently wearing one curbs your appetite, improves your posture, and holds your waist in! Loving the idea of wearing one before I have a big party in the evening to help my stomach look it’s best. I’m hoping she got me one for Christmas. haha. I’ll report back.

 AVOID DIET SODA: I know, I know. I love it too. But studies prove that it bloats as well as increases sugar cravings! I’m loving sparkling water with a little flavoring when I crave something refreshing.

GET IN THAT WORKOUT: Budget time the day before, even if it’s 5 am, to make sure you get sweaty every day. It’s hard to get to the gym with all the running around I’ve been doing lately, so I’ve been relying on my trusty jump rope and exercise bands.

See myPLANK WORKOUT post for some moves you can do around the house. And enjoy the season!!! 🙂 Indulging just a little of something special won’t derail your goals. I like the three bite rule… it’s usually enough to curb my craving and still make me feel like I didn’t deprive myself.

Okay now on to one of my favorite posts of the week – links I LOVE



GOLD GUCCI HEELS for the holidays are everything!! ow ow!!

So many NIKE pieces on SALE!! I also wrote about “What’s Your Why?” Take a peek!

SUNDAY Q&A is always the most popular post of the week. Send in questions. Email or Dm on instagram. (

Best Sellers for the month of November are in! I always love to see what you guys are buying. HERE!

New round-up of WINTER BOOTIES! Winter really is here.

Need an AT-HOME WORKOUT? I posted this PLANK WORKOUT I do when I’m stuck at home or need to work out while baking cookies. 🙂

What you need to know about COLLAGEN supplements. I’ve been adding a scoop every day to my smoothies & protein shakes. Plus I just read that Jennifer Anniston swears by collagen powder. She says it changes you from the inside out. Sign me up! You can read the other health benefits of collagen here.

I’ve been using this UNITE Blonda Shampoo (TONING) it keeps my blonde bright and ashy. It keeps the yellow out! I use this twice a week. I also use the UNITE Blonda Condition (TONING) right after, found it 50% off! It’s amazing the difference it makes. I noticed a big difference in these pictures I took over the weekend. It’s such great stuff! Blondies pay a lot of money not to be YELLOW! Keep it white and bright. 🙂

These BOOTIES are my favorite new find. I need these in every color!! I love the pointed toe. (in beige fabric)

I have NEW YEARS EVE DRESSES on my mind. We are actually going to be skiing with our family that weekend so I don’t need a dress but I bet you do! I found a couple I love that I’m wearing for Christmas.

STOCKING STUFFER ideas. Find some under $20.

DRESSING ROOM DIARIES has a bunch of holiday looks if you are interested and most under $100.


Happy Holidays!



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