Nov 16, 2016

Hair Removal Tips

When it comes to my skin during the winter months I have to give it a little extra TLC. Keeping my skin soft and moisturized are my main goals. I mean, who doesn’t want soft, silky skin? I’ve learned a few tricks along the way to keeping my skin extra soft, smooth, and moisturized. I’m going to let you in on a little beauty secret that will change your life!

The upkeep of shaving my legs dries out my skin. I’ve been wanting to try laser hair removal and I found the answer, without breaking the bank. The iluminage Precise Touch permanent hair reduction device is incredible. Beauty gurus can’t say enough about this FDA approved device that can treat all skin types and all colors of hair. It’s used by dermatologists around the world.

Since I’ve been using this device, my skin has become so much softer even with the winter dryness moving in. It’s easy and painless. I love that I can use this in the comfort of my own home or bring it with me when I travel to keep my results going.laser hair removal with iluminage by Jenna Crandall of Lunchpails and LipstickFirst you need to prepare your skin for the treatment. Simply shave the area you want to treat. Don’t put anything on your skin, save your lotions for after. Use the iluminage Precise Touch over the focus area. It uses a combination of Intensed Pulsed Light (IPL) energies, which are attracted to the hair follicle and prevents re-growth from that hair in the future. img_5360Its incredible to wake up every day, HAIR FREE! My skin looks and feels better than ever. The biggest bonus is I didn’t have to pay a ton of money and go through laser appointments in an office. Check out the iluminage Precise Touch. It will also make amazing holiday hair removal tips for women you need to know about. At home laser hair removal devices that work by Lunchpails and Lipstickimg_5357 best hair removal tips for women you need to know about, iluminage hair removal device by Jenna Crandall Lunchpails and LipstickI’m so excited to share this little beauty secret with you, because it really has changed my life. I’ll never know why women have to have hair on their legs, but at least we can get rid of it safely and pain free. If you do it now, you’ll be ready to jump back into your swimsuits come summer.iluminage-hair-removal-from-sephora


Make sure and {like or heart the instagram pictures featuring this hair removal device TODAY and tag one friend to enter the giveaway on instagram. I’m giving one entire iluminage hair removal system to one lucky reader, winner announced Nov. 17th at noon EST. The next day! Make sure and enter, Christmas is coming early!iluminage-hair-removal-for-women

Cheers to soft and silky skin this winter.



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  1. I keep Checking just in case it’s me, have you announce the winner Yet I don’t think I’ve noticed it or maybe you have and I haven’t seen it

  2. Has this been posted to Instagram? I would looooove to enter to win, but I’m not sure where the post is?
    Thank you!!