May 16, 2020

Billie Razor Review

Let’s talk shaving. If you are on Instagram, you most definitely have seen the Billie razor. People rave about this razor and all the things that come with it. This RAZOR has won so many beauty awards and has been featured on Allure. I decided to take my turn with it and see for myself if it is something special. I have to say, YES! All the hype is 100% accurate!

In the past, I used a men’s razor for all my grooming and shaving needs. I like the close cut and find they work better than most. I’m very particular with my razors. Billie had big shoes to fill!

When you open your Billie package the colors and shaving kit instantly make you smile. I love the colors. I instantly thought of my girls, (Gwen and Chloe) and how cute this set would be for them once they start shaving. The STARTER KIT comes with 2 blades, a magnetic holder, and charcoal shave soap attached to the razor. With every swipe, you get the “shave goo” to help deep clean and prevent cuts.  I quickly thought of my day and when I could escape for a chance to shave my legs.

Things I like about Billie Razor

1.The shave is a close cut shave. It does an amazing job! I didn’t get cut up or worry about the blade being safe. The charcoal “goo soap” at the edge of the razor gives the razor a silky glide. Works on sensitive skin types too!

2.The Magic holder keeps the razor in pristine shape between uses. It’s magnetic and serves as your razors’ home.  It won’t be laying around on countertops or in puddles of water getting all rusty.

3.The branding! I love it. The colors and style of the razors make me happy. It’s the little things that can bring so much joy. I like having it in my bathroom!

4.You can also travel with this razor. You can use the TRAVEL CASE and it makes packing up a breeze.

5.I’m a sucker for lotions and potions immediately after I shower. The DRY-BYE BODY LOTION is amazing. Anything infused with grapefruit has my stamp of approval. It smells divine and leaves your body silky smooth after a good shave.



Grab your Billie Razor today! You will love it!!


Have a good day.






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