Apr 9, 2019

My Current Favorite Skincare Products

1.Wash Your Face – I love this cleanser. It leaves your skin fresh and squiky clean. I follow the TWO CLEANSE rule with every cleanser I use. The fist cleanse washes off make-up or impurities. The second cleanse washes your skin.

2.Facial Mist Toner – There is nothing better than a quick toner done by a mister. I love how it freshens up and hydrates. It balances your overall skin. I also love this while traveling.

3.Exfoliate! – Commit to exfoliate 2-3 times each week. This will keep your skin glowy and bright. This has 2% BHA liquids to help sluff off dead skin cells.

4.Jet Lag Mask – I’m obsessed with masking. The benefits are huge. This trending mask finally made it to my bathroom and I’m crazy about it. Super hydrating. I leave it in my skincare fridge and apply it cold. Great for inflammation or swollen eyes.

5.Hyaluronic Acid – Apply this serum as a bonus moisturizer. This attracts water and is water binding. It is uber hydrating. Use right underneath of your face cream.

6.Vitamin C – How cool is this CEO Glow. Use this daily under your moisturizer. It will help keep harmful pollutants from the skin as well as the harmful rays from the sun.

7.Eye Cream – This eye cream has quickly become a favorite. It won’t break the bank and it is super creamy and hydrating. I use the bye bye under eye concealer and these two work wonders together.

8.Retinol Capsules – I can’t say enough good about these Retinol Capsules. One of the most anti-aging ingredients you can use at home. Apply this at night under you moisturizer. Keep your skin cells fresh and new.

9.Under Eye Gel Pads – These are a god send. I use them in the morning and sometimes at night.

10.LED light therapy – I keep this by my night stand. I use it while I’m watching a show. I saw an amazing esthetician and she told me her biggest secret for youthful skin is Red Light Therapy. Heals from the inside out. Controls inflammation, break outs, and pigmentation. Repairs skin cells too. I’m loving it.

11.Face Oil – I swear by this oil. I use it to jade roll my face. I also use a drop or two in my foundation.

12.Fresh Moisturizer – My skin drinks this up! It’s one of my favorite moisturizers right now.

13.Neck Cream – Use this neck cream! Your neck shows your real age. Don’t forget to take care of it. This cream tightens, lifts and hydrates.

14. Pimples be gone – If I breakout I apply a dab of this pink lotion to my blemish. In 24 hours its gone or well on its way to drying out!

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