Jan 23, 2018

Take Charge Of Your Skin With Olay!

This post is sponsored by Olay, but all opinions are my own,

Attention beauty lovers, this is an answer to all of our moisturizing prayers! As an esthetician I know how important it is to have healthy skin. I definitely practice what I preach and stay “in the know” with all the latest and greatest products on the market. I’ve included Olay products in so many of my skin care/beauty round-ups. Not only do they work, they make it easy to pick up at your local drugstore. You are going to be so excited once you get your beauty hands on the newest moisturizer from Olay.

The new edition, Olay Whips just hit stores January 1st! Olay Whips is not your average lightweight moisturizer. Not only does it offer powerful hydration, it absorbs instantly into your skin. I’ve noticed my skin feels smooth and hydrated with this moisturizer. I love applying it under my make-up because my make-up application looks extra fresh and dewy. It contains a unique formula, which is able to absorb the oils in your skin throughout the day, for a dewy (not oily finish). I can feel this working! I usually have to re-powder my nose and forehead mid day. But lately I can skip this step. The Olay Whips is definitely doing the job and absorbing my natural oils. Not only do I feel like my skin looks better, I can rest assured that it is also helping me fight the battle against anti-aging. This moisturizer was designed to be a powerful anti aging moisturizer to diminish fine lines and wrinkles without the heaviness. Thank goodness all my concerns are answered in one bottle of moisturizer!Check out some tips and tricks I do, to make sure I’m helping my skin feel and look the best it can.

SIX steps to help diminish those wrinkles!

1.Beauty Sleep is a real thing. Sleep is nourishment for your skin. It’s time for your skin to heal and rejuvenate. Your brain removes 60% more toxins in your body when you have a good sleep. This factor alone will improve the health of your skin. This will put the dark circles to rest and keep your skin looking fresh and nourished. You will wake up with the “I-WOKE-UP-LIKE-THIS” kind of feeling.

2.Quit the bedtime munchies. Did you know that eating right before bed will cause your body to stay out of the R.E.M stage of sleep that your body needs? It will be busy digesting all the food you just ate, instead of working on hydrating your skin cells and replacing old skin cells with new ones. I try and stay awake for at least 90 minutes after my last meal/snack.

3.You are officially booked for 15 minutes of “me” time until forever. Every night needs to be penciled in your calendar as your special skincare time. Before you hit your sheets you need to follow a skincare routine. It can be 5-30 minutes long. Whatever it is, stick to it. You need to get in the habit of removing the impurities and oils from the day that rest on your face. If you don’t do this, you will wake-up with clogged pores and risk getting acne. Moisturize! Use the Olay Whips at night before jumping into bed.

4.Fewer Wrinkles! This alone should have you getting yourself to bed. SLEEP after you apply that amazing anti-wrinkle moisturizer (OLAY WHIPS) Your skin produces collagen while sleeping. This is the amazing stuff that keeps your skin plump and youthful. When you miss too much sleep you can get sagging and wrinkles in places you don’t want. Your skin will also look drier. So figure out how much sleep your body needs and stick to it as much as possible. Plus, who doesn’t like to sleep?

5.Happier + Healthier is always a good thing. When we sleep enough we tend to look happier overall. We smile and laugh more. When we are tired and grumpy we tend to frown and furrow your brow. This leads to wrinkles and an overall unhealthy appearance. You will GLOW when you are getting the sleep your body needs.

6.Cheers to bedtime drinks. You should be drinking water all day long. You can even drink at bedtime. This will cause less puffiness when you wake up. Your skin will stay hydrated and moisturized. If you forget your water intake your skin will look puffy, crepy, and flaky. We don’t want that! It’s super preventable. Drink up! Most importantly you need to get in a great habit of moisturizing morning and night! I’m loving  Olay Whips and how smooth and hydrated it makes my skin.

I’m loving  Olay Whips and how smooth and hydrated it makes my skin.



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