Sep 30, 2018


1.I loved the BOOT GUCCI DUPE you posted yesterday. What other dupes do you love?


loving this BLACK BOOT with red lace ups.

furry HERRINGBONE SLIDES are new & not seen everywhere yet.


these CHANLE DUPES are best I’ve seen

ANIMAL PRINT HEELS with maeve stripe

loving this BLACK BOOT with red lace ups / LEGGINGS / NIRVANA TEE (i am wearing xs and wish it was small or medium) / DENIM JACKET

2.What do you use on your BLEMISHES/WHITEHEADS? You recommended something that dries them out.

YES! Keep this PINK BOTTLE in your cabinet at all times. You never know when a pimple will pop up. I use a q-tip and apply a small amount to the blemish overnight. When I wake up it’s either gone or 80% gone.

3.What are your TOP FIVE LIP COLORS?

*my absolute favorite is the YSL LIP OIL. It has to say oil on it to be the right one! It’s not sticky and makes for very kissable lips that stay in place. It’s super hydrating. I had to have it in a few colors because it’s so good. It isn’t sold everywhere so when searching for it make sure it’s this one. I ROSE YOU and UNDRESS ME are my fav shades right now. you might have to pre-order for October delivery but well worth it!!

*this CHEAT LIP LINER by CT is unreal. i love the iconic nude and outline my lips with it. Then I fill in my lips with it as a base before applying my lipstick or gloss.

*all of the CHARLOTTE T. HOT LIPS are so good. Have you seen the lip emoji on the lipstick? I love the Kim K.W. color.

*SMASHBOX – MAUVE MATTE became a favorite in Paris a couple years ago. My girlfriend introduced me to it and I always buy it again when I run out. It’s good!!

*BENEFIT – PUNCH POP BUBBLEGUM –  my favorite gloss to keep in my bag for adding color.

4.I’m headed to a wedding in 2 months! what do I wear to a December wedding?

I guess it depends how formal it is and if you have a specific color to follow. Here are some fun dresses for wedding season!

pretty MIDI DRESS in emerald green

obsessed with this DRESS and perfect for wedding season and beyond.

this DRESS is a current fav. don’t miss checking this LONG SLEEVE beauty.

SALONI DRESSES are my fav. Worth checking out all the prints and styles for this new season.



TIE FRONT DRESS (in midnight navy or sparkle)


5.I really loved your SELF LOVE POST you did this week. Can you talk more about this topic? It’s easy to see bloggers and think they aren’t really real. I don’t mean that mean. You guys travel, seem to have endless funds, and maintain a size 0 at all times while popping out babies. Please do more relatable articles like this. 

I agree! Definitely trying to keep it real – SELF LOVE POST. I have many many hard days and definitely things are not as glam as they look. Remember that when scrolling through instagram.

6.How do you know TYKE on THE VOICE? I know him and love him. Small world. 

He’s my bff’s nephew! He was using a voice coach in NYC last year and we got to know him. He’s the coolest and his voice is amaze. Watch the voice so you can vote for him!!

7.What are your favorite facials to get? I need something that feels good but will make a difference in my skin.

PRP Vampire Facial and the COSMELAN PEEL for pigmentation. I love a CRYO FACIAL or HYDRATING FACIAL for maintenance.

8.I want that TEDDY BEAR COAT you had last year. Do you know if it’s coming back this year?

It’s in LEOPARD this year! I also posted a bunch of FALL COZY PIECES here. I’ll make sure to post if the other one comes back.

9.Can I ask sizing for the H&M dresses you found?

okay go to this H&M FALL FINDS post. I listed the sizes I bought. I usually do a small or size 2.

10. What GUCCI DUPES are your current favorites?

these FUR SLIDES | these BOOTS with red laces 

11.What do you use for your BROWS? I need help!

Go to this BEAUTY POST. I explain it all on #7! 

12. What are FALL FINDS for under $100?

I find so many under $50 sweaters and dresses at HERE. This sweater below is one of my fav finds for under $50.

TOPSHOP SWAETER  – wearing size small $50 | HOW TO STYLE MESSY and DIRTY HAIR 

TORY BURCH BOOTS (last year, linked this year version)

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