Oct 17, 2016

PRP Facial, aka #vampire facial

If you have been following along with my skincare posts you read this post on Getting rid of Melasma & Hyperpigmentation. You know I’m on a mission to find a treatment process that women can use to fade out Hyperpigmentation and Melasma. Melasma is definitely harder to treat than any other skin condition. You have to check so many factors when treating it. You can read the previous post on all the different treatments to treat it.


I just experienced my first PRP Facial which is also known as the Vampire Facial. It’s not as scary or bloody as I thought it would be. I go to the one and only Dr. Russak in NYC, Russak Dermatology.  Doctors have been using platelets within the medical community for years and have seen tremendous regenerative benefits. The PRP facial uses plasma from your very own blood to promote skin renewal and skin regeneration.

The plasma contains platelets and a large concentration of  growth factors which repair photodamaged and aging skin by stimulating fresh new tissue. The doctor will use a device to microneedle or make small injections into your skin. This cocktail of plasma will boost collagen production,stimulate fibroblasts to repair our old cells, and create fresh new skin that glows. It’s an amazing treatment. The doctor will draw your blood during the treatment, spin the blood to get the plasma (PRP), and then within 10 minutes inject the plasma into your skin with the microneedle device. The doctor will numb your face first so that you won’t feel the small injections happening all over your face.

I can’t believe the results so far. I’m only 5 days out from my treatment and I keep wiping off my mirror to make sure it’s really my skin. It looks smoother than it has in ten years and I can see my pigmentation is breaking up and getting much lighter. When I have make up on, you can’t even see my hyperpigmentation.

Click on the link to see my daily skincare routine . I’ve seen a dramatic difference in my skin just from 4 weeks of changing up my plan. It’s very anti-aging and my skin is definitely fading out the spots and replacing the old skin with bright new skin. I definitely recommend doing this treatment. As I have been going trough this process the 3 things I highly recommend are:

1.Chemical Peels

2.Get on an aggressive skincare plan

3.PRP facials

Remember I talked about not doing photo-facials lasers on melasma skin. You can read more about it here but I want to make sure that those of you with Melasma stay clear away from lasers. It will make it worse! Leave comments on what you are experiencing. I’m working with this incredible doctor and can ask anything you might have concerns about if you don’t live in this area. I’ll keep the updates coming.



Dr. Russak in NYC, Russak Dermatology

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  1. Thank you SO SO much for the info! I have melasma, and skin care specialists are constantly pushing photo facials..but because of your experience, and sharing the info I have stayed away! I am SO thankful! Love your skin care posts!❤

  2. Hi there
    I live in north county San Diego. Would you or your doctor know of a reputable office here that does this facial?
    Thanks so much

    • Karen! I’m also in North County SD and I was dealing with Melasma for the past two years. Nothing worked , I was using obagi too.. Good products but I went to see Dr. Palm in Solana Beach and my pigment is almost gone!!!it happened fast! I noticed a difference in two weeks. All she did was put me on a list of prescription products ( some she makes) . I was sceptical as I already had a good regime.. Melasma as driving me crazy. So I love to share with people Bc I know how much it sucks 🙁 if you want to email me I can give u a list of products . Gina@saltlightavo.com

      • Please send me the list. I have been suffering with Melasma for the last 4 years and its getting worse.

    • between $800-$1100. Best results show up to a year and stimulate new collagen

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