Sep 26, 2016

Treating Hyperpigmentation from the summer SUN

Now that summer has come to an end here are some reminders on ways to treat the hyperpigmentation that you may have gotten from too much sun exposure the past few months. I started my journey with this First post on HYPERPIGMENTATION/MELASMA, hereI went to my dermatologist, Russak Dermatology last week to start my program. I told you guys that I will take you on my skin care journey the next couple months while I get my skin treated for Melasma. I’m on a mission to help all of you that struggle with this as well.


The first step Dr. Russak did was the skin scope to analyze my skin. She put together a custom plan to help treat my melasma. If you saw last week on snapchat and instagram stories I posted the first treatment she gave me.

1. She started with an Intense Advanced Chemical peel by SkinCeuticals, followed by a retinol booster. I’m FOUR days out and my skin is literally peeling off in chunks. It’s amazing to watch the brown spots flake off with the old skin. You can check out the Russak Aesthetic Center and all the treatments they do HERE.

2.After the chemical peel was performed she customized a skincare routine for me. I have combination skin and tend to get super dry in the fall/winter. These are the products she put me on:

-This simply clean cleanser is the perfect gel cleanser to keep your skin clean and oil free. It has just the right amount of salicyclic acid in it to keep your skin glowing and oil free.

-Russak custom blend of retin-a called Brighten RX. This is a secret weapon at the office. It keeps your cell turn over rate up and clears your skin of hyperpigmentation.

-She put me on Triple Lipid Restore (day/night cream) This stuff feels like cashmere on my face. It’s so hydrating and I can feel the ingredients fighting my wrinkles for me. It’s incredible. I’ll use this forever!

A.G.E eye complex – this is an incredible eye cream to fight dark circles,wrinkles and fine lines. I’ve noticed my puffiness has gone done as well.

Phloretin CF – I put this on during the day before my moisturizer. It helps fight against pigmentation and environmental factors. It’s so important to have a vitamin C in your skin care routine.



1. SUNSCREEN!  Skin Ceutical, Physical Fusion Sun Defense Broad Spectrum SPF50.

2. If you struggle with Melasma she said DO NOT GET AN IPL (photofacial) This can and most likely will make your pigment spots turn into pigment patches. She shared that this laser treatment only treats certain types of hyperpigmentation.

4. Vitamin C is key. I use CE FERULIC by Skin Ceuticals. It works as extra protection during the day to fight against the harmful ray’s of the sun.

5. Meladerm by Civant worked wonders for me. I saw a big difference when I started using this cream at night. under $50

6. Never leave your house without a hat or sunscreen. Get in the habit of making sure your make up even has SPF.

7. Ask your dermatologist about chemical peels. They can fade pigment spots by 50%.

8. Hyperpigmentation can also be caused by birth control, medication or hormones. Talk to your doctor if you need to switch things up.

Hope this helps!

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  1. This is wonderful!! I unfortunately don’t live in California. I would be interested in ordering these products. I suffer from Melsama & I completely agree that Photo facials or IP’s do make them worse !! I’ve been a faithful client of the CE Feurlic & Phyto. I would like to get the other products. Does Dr. Russak do consultants over the phone?

    • Hi Suzanne,

      Dr. Russak is in New York City. Where are you located? Call their office, best staff around! They are amazing and will help you find a solution.


  2. Curious if you’re still using the same skin care routine since being pregnant? Are all of the products safe while using or have you changed up things during your pregnancy? I suffer a lot of the same skin issues and would love to hear your feedback on this!

    • Hey Brittanie, the hyperpigmentation post is Jenna’s. I don’t don’t use any retinols or bleaching agents while pregnant to be safe.
      Thanks! Lisa

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