Sep 27, 2017

Skin Update with the Cosmelan Peel

Melasma Cosmelan Face Peel

my doc – If you live in NY or Ct go see MY DOCTOR HERE She will give you the best price for this. I started it in NYC and it was a small fortune. Dr. Robinson has found a way to make it more affordable so everyone can benefit from it.

Hi friends! Can you believe the difference!? I can’t believe the melasma flare up I had. (hormones getting messed up by my gluten allergy!) I honestly felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. I had to write a review about this Cosmelan Face Peel I had almost 4 weeks ago. It changed my SKIN!! I couldn’t be happier with the results. I can finally be make-up free and I feel so gooood about it! Melasma affects more than 70% of all women. Did you know that? I was shocked by that number. Melasma tends to look like a brown map on your face of uneven pigment. It might look like patches in certain areas. Melasma needs to be addressed by checking hormones, GI, liver function, healthy gut, digestion and diet. All of these can be reasons for your melasma. Many of you know I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy and celiac disease. During the process of figuring out what was happening on the inside of my body, my skin manifested this crazy dark pigment on my cheek areas. I didn’t get the pigment anywhere else, it stayed right on the sides of my face. I’ve been gluten free now for over 3 months and I feel amazing. Better than I’ve ever felt.

#1 If you have melasma it is hormonal. Figure out what is happening on the inside of your body. Having a gluten allergy creates all sorts of problems with your thyroid (adrenals) and hormones if you continue to have gluten in your diet. Get a blood test and get your hormone levels checked. Chances are your body can be creating too much estrogen or perhaps it’s a birth control pill you need to get off. Your thyroid is a major contributor to melasma issues. Have everything checked! After a pregnancy your hormones can change and become completely out of wack. This is all normal and can be treated.

#2 DIET! Change your eating habits. Commit to eating more veggies and fruits. There are tons of websites that tell you what to eat if you are prone to melasma. I eat dark greens in my salads and make a smoothie once a day. My smoothie combo— kale, spinach, avocado, coconut water, banana, pineapple. Get rid of processed foods in your diet. This includes sugar. Try and have sugar become a once a week splurge. Do not have it daily. You don’t need it. It can cause your gut to be full of toxins. This can trigger hormonal imbalances leading to melasma. Some vitamins are known to prevent melasma and help with maintainence. Take a MULTI-VITAMIN & PROBIOTIC ( I love garden of life products) when you wake up. I also take zinc, msm and cod liver oil. I eat dinner around 6:30 and I don’t eat again until 10am the next day. This gives my digestive system time to heal while I sleep instead of breaking down food while I sleep. Water– drink 2-3 liters a day. This is crucial to keeping a healthy digestive system. Keep the toxins moving out of your body. I also love the Bulletproof supplements and vitamins.

#3 HEAT – If you have Melasma, it’s not just about covering up from the sun. It’s regulating heat within your body as well. Hot saunas, hot yoga, steaming showers…all of these can trigger melasma. Use SPF 50 indoors and outdoors! I don’t use anything less. Also UVA rays come through your car windows, house windows, work windows. Wear sunscreen indoors and outdoors. Even in the winter months.

#4 MYTHS– Most people think lasers are the best approach to treating Melasma. This is so WRONG!! Don’t laser melasma, ever!! Like never, ever, ever!! You will make the problem 100X worse. The approach to treating melasma should be with prescription ingredients done over time. Chemical peels will be your best friend. DIY MASKS – do these help? No. I had zero success with these. In fact when I told my doctor I did some of these she said they can actually make them worse. Never put lemon juice on your skin. Way too acidic.


Products that help fight against Melasma —

#5 AT HOME REGIMEN – You need a vitamin C product to wear every single day under your sunscreen. I can’t express this enough. Get a VITAMIN C ! I found one at my Derm’s office (now on amazon) that is just like CE FERULIC (skin ceuticals) but it’s half the price. In my opinion, everyone should use VITAMIN C every single day. Put it on right after you wash your face in the morning. This is the one product that can prevent future damage and also correct already damaged skin.  The anti-aging benefits of this VITAMIN C by BIO DERM are huge. It’s great to get started and fade out the dark spots you might have from the summer or melasma you deal with.  I wash my face in the morning and put this on immediately. Follow it up with moisturizer and sunscreen. Also use a Retinol 3x a night!! Start with this RETINOL CREME or these  RETINOL SERUM capsules.


morning regimen– 1. wake up wash face ENZYME CLEANSER  2. apply VITAMIN C (skin ceutical dupe and made by my dermatologist. I’m obsessed) – let absorb for 1 minute, 3. apply MOISTURIZER (I’m hooked on the triple lipid. I promise it’s worth the price), 4. apply SUNSCREEN  (this one is formulated for skin that is prone to hyperpigmentation)5. EYE BALM,(best around and not near as expensive as what I was using from my doctor. It’s half the price and amazing!) in the mornings & at night I put it on 6. ANTI-AGING CONCEALER(medium sand)/ for under eyes and anywhere else you need coverage (conceals dark spots, bags under eyes, veins, pigment, break outs, scars)  If I was stranded on a island this is the one product I’d take. I’m lost without it. I actually feel naked when I’m not wearing it. 7. COLORSCIENCE STICK (I wear medium) doubles as my powder with SPF in it!

night regimen -1. wash face LHA CLEANSER 2.Use a RETINOL CREME or RETINOL SERUM 3.RESURFACING PEEL (safe while nursing & pregnant, contains retinatural complex which is plant based)  4. Triple Lipid Restore  5.Eye Balm or Eyes Eyes Baby (under $20!)

best de-puffer (for under eyes) – Cooling Water Balm Stick 

#6 Wear SUNSCREEN every day. Indoors and outdoors. You need physical protection like zinc oxide. Did you know diaper rash cream is full of zinc oxide. If you are in a situation and need to make sure your skin is covered up you can wear it. Approved sunscreen – SUNSCREEN 1 | SUNSCREEN 2  (both spf 50)

I keep this SUNSCREEN   in my purse at all times. Easy to apply when I’m out and need more. I use this COLORSCIENCE STICK (I wear medium) doubles as my powder with SPF in it! I double up! The colorscience is pigmented and goes on like powder. ( I use medium)

#7 Try COSMELAN PEEL. This changed my skin! I’m so happy with the results. I peeled for over 2 weeks and my face looked like I had a sunburn. Other than that, it’s painless. It is worth every penny. When you arrive at the doctor’s office it only takes 5 minutes to apply the mask. The mask is like a muddy brown color. (think peanut butter) Kind of gross but I was desperate to have it work. I noticed results instantly and felt like myself again. I’ve never had a skin condition like this. I really empathize with anyone that does. Don’t give up. It won’t last forever. It is treatable.

To find a derm/doctor in your area google cosmelan peel, doctor’s office. Don’t buy the kit online. It’s not the same thing. Your doctor adds prescription strength ingredients to the kit and has it blended at a pharmacy. Make sure and do this in a doctor’s office. Modern Derm in Westport Ct is my go to. I see doctor Robinson. She’s officially my favorite and can do it all!

#8 What to use on your skin while nursing and pregnant – The COUNTERTIME LINE is amazing and impressive. It has Retinatural Complex in it which is a plant derived retinol and safe for pregnancy and nursing moms. You can now keep up with skin changes while being pregnant. This new plant retinol that is taking over the skincare market! It’s safe and effective. If you want to use the entire line (I recommend this) but if you want to start with one product, start with the RADIANCE SERUM.


I hope this helps and gives you hope. I can’t believe how bad my Melasma got this summer. I’m so happy to help others figure out how to get rid of melasma. Leave me questions if you have them!

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I wanted to go over a few skin care staples that I use  religiously. For example, I get facials pretty often to help control my MELASMA (pigmentation). It helps tremendously and I love to learn about skin during every visit so I made it a priority. It’s never very relaxing because I honestly talk the entire time (lol). I now bring my own NuFace(R) mini Facial Toning Device to every appointment and add 20 minutes of this to each facial I do. The science is there ladies! The electric microcurrent tones & tightens, while providing a workout for your face/neck. Bye-bye jowls and chicken neck!  This at home toning device really works. It’s just like exercise for your body. When you stop exercising your body starts to experience muscle loss. The same goes with your face and neck! Think about investing in this. I’ve had mine for two years now.

Read about facial tools we recommend for at-home.

  1.  BeautyBio Rose Quartz Roller – the best facial roller I’ve used. Two sides for under eye area and entire face. I like to keep mine cold in the refrigerator.
  2. NuFace(R) mini Facial Toning Device– the more I talk to my Dermatologist and skin care professionals about this I’m convinced everyone needs this. You can use this electric microcurrent in your own home. Skin care has advanced so much! Use this every night for quick results. You will see tightening and toning happen before your very eyes. I get this done during my facials and was scolded for not using my at-home device on a regular basis. It works on your neck too!
  3. Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment – Have you heard of this! I was just introduced to this and I’m crazy about it. Your skin instantly looks like you’ve had a peel or facial. Leave it bright and glowy.
  4. DrX Spotlite Blemish Reducer – best blemish spot reducer tool!
  5. Skin Inc. Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light – I’ve talked about LED therapy a bunch on this blog. This device does it all!
  6. Nurse Jamie Uplift Facial Trio – I bought this during the big Nordstrom sale. So glad I did. You’ll never need to go to a spa again. You’ll be addicted in your own home to this at home facial kit.
  7. ReFa Carat Face Beauty Roller Tool – I bought my ReFa in Japan in April. All the Korean skin care gurus told me I had to have it and they were right! I keep it in my shower and use it on my face and neck every morning for 5 minutes. The tutorial given to tone your face is brilliant and it works! It’s a manual tool that can be tossed in your bag, purse, or shower. Use it on the go and with your favorite serums. It’s also a great tool for travel.



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  1. Can you update the link for #6 ANTI-AGING CONCEALER/ ? I’m eager to check out what you use and the link is broken!

  2. I don’t have melasma but I read everything just in case I’ll have one. I have some friends who have melasma but I’m not sure how they get it treated and what they’re doing to prevent it. The result looks great on you. I’ll be glad to share this to others! Thank you, Jenna!

  3. I m struggling with dark spots on my cheek as well and made appt for cosmelan face peel this weekend after seeing your post. Would you still recommend it? It’s pretty expensive and I am afraid the result might not be permanent. Thanks.

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  5. Great results! Cosmelan is a game changer, so glad it’s working for you!

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